Hiking in Iceland. Three routes that will leave your mark


There are many hiking trails in Iceland. It is an island that lends itself to this activity due to the majesty of landscapes and the amount of natural beauty it has. Great trekking, waterfalls in Iceland or its volcanoes have been photographed thousands of times. I would say that I do not know anyone who has not seen a photograph of this country even if it has been indirectly. It is a country that we call Wallpaper or screensaver, a country that can live on your computer desktop. Iceland is photography, but behind it there is also hiking trails that more than one can take the hiccups.

Hiking trails in Iceland

Iceland is a country with just over 300,000 inhabitants. It is a little populated country, with hardly any vegetation and mainly volcanic. It is easy to feel the last living being on the planet. You constantly feel at the end of the world. When you do a trekking the landscapes are unique, from movie. No matter the route you do you will always be satisfied. If we have to object, it would be the weather, both at the weather level and the number of days you can spend visiting it, since you will always have days left.

Hiking trails in Iceland

The weather is Iceland is hard except in summer, where the best months to make a good hiking trail in Iceland are July and August. Iceland is not a country of sun, but when it is present there is no better gift for your senses than its light illuminating each landscape, it is simply magical.

Hiking trails in Iceland are mainly concentrated around the capital, Reykjavik, or by any mountainous core of the island, mainly in Landmannalaugar or near the glacierVatnajökulsþjóðgarður. In any case, the best hiking trails in Iceland will take you at least one day, although if you want to discover the interior and the true Iceland you will have to reserve several days to undertake the great crossings such as Laugavegurinn, the queen crossing.

Preparing our own adventure

When we were preparing our first Iceland trip we put several priorities within the short time we had, two weeks, that although it seems more than enough in Iceland it can fall a little short. If you prioritize activities such as hiking you will take time to relax or “reeds”, but if your traveling soul seeks adventure, start taking note. We assure you that we are left wanting to be able to do many more routes than we did.

Landmannalaugar- Hiking trails in Iceland
Laugavegurinn stage 1, Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker

Within our planning we could not miss the crossing of Laugavegurinn, also known as Landmannalaugar, Kristinartindar, for the views of the largest glacier in Europe, and a somewhat historical one, the ascent to Snæfellsjökull, the volcano that Jules Verne used in his famous book Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Three routes you should not overlook

The three routes we are going to talk about below are mainly located on the west and south side of Iceland, all of them less than 3 hours from the capital, Reykjavik.

Although Iceland seems small, don't underestimate it, the roads are narrow, the speed is very limited and the weather sometimes prevents you from going as fast as you would like. Moral, always leave extra time for the unforeseen events of this wild island.

Map of the three routes

1 The 4-day journey of Laugavegurinn

We start talking about Laugavegurinn, or Landmannalaugar crossing for many Spanish agencies, with the first of Four videos we recorded during the route. It was an atypical June, with a lot of snow in the first two stages, something unusual on that date.

It is certainly the crossing or the most spectacular trekking in Iceland. They are 4 days walking between volcanoes and sleeping in shelters where time seems to have stopped. The landscapes are sublime and this is perhaps, clearly deserved, the most demanded route among those who love hiking in Iceland.

We are not talking about a complicated route. It has little unevenness and each stage is undertaken with hardly any problems. We would say that it is a journey suitable for everyone, so there is no excuse for not doing it.

Landmannalaugar (Laugavegurinn)

In this link we tell you in more detail the entire Laugavegurinn Route.

2 Kristinartindar, the best one-day route in Iceland

In the video that follows you will be able to see the incredible landscapes that you can see in the Skaftafell National Park, where Kristinartindar is the queen summit. The views towards one of the languages ​​ofVatnajökulsþjóðgarður They are film, and few places in the world except the Himalayas, Chile or Argentina among others have similar things.

Except for the last leg of the crossing, sometimes with ice or snow, does not have excessive difficulty. It is true that most of the people do not reach the top, as it conforms to the views of the glacier and the Svartifoss waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Iceland. If you decide to do the entire route get ready for a trekking of more than 8h.


In this link we tell you in more detail the entire Kristinartindar Route.

3 Snæfellsjökull, the volcano of Jules Verne

InArnarstapi They know very well what it is to have a volcano with an unpronounceable name, which few remember and that paradoxically has been pronounced and read by millions of readers of Julio Verne around the world.

We do not talk about a route too busy, since it is usually off any route or circuit, but it is true that on the slopes of the volcano it is common to see numerous guides with groups willing to spend a fun day in the snow with snowshoes or crampons .

The Snæfellsjökull trekking ascends to the summit, 1,400m, without excessive difficulty and with a great prize. The views from the summit towards the sea are simply beautiful. The only bad thing, do not touch the classic sea of ​​clouds on top.



In Iceland you have to bring winter material, although there are very hot days where most of the things can be left over. But as you have to be cautious, here we leave you with the equipment that you should take in order to make hiking trails in Iceland.

  • Long pants, thermal shirt and fleece
  • Hat and gloves
  • Primaloft, this garment is quite warm
  • Raincoat, Gore-Tex or third layer for wind or rain
  • Long boots and winter socks
  • Crampons and ice ax, the top may be frozen
  • Flashlight or frontal. The Black Diamond for example are excellent
  • Leggings if there is snow. Here is a good example of Leggings and eye with size.
  • Backpack of at least 30l
  • Trekking sticks
  • Map/GPS. Without this, don't even show up. As GPS our recommendation is the Garmin GPSMAP 64

In winter the routes are usually longer if there is snow, so calculate 1 or 2h more.

Travel insurance

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