Preparations for traveling to Jordan (10-day route)


It is not the first time we prepare for travel to Jordan. A country that we know very well, as much free as through organized unification and to which we have not hesitated to return. This time looking for a completely different climate, winter, just where Jordan receives the most rainfall throughout the year and sometimes even heavy snowfall. So why are we going now? The reason is very simple, there are hardly any tourists.

The Treasury, Al-Khazneh

Travel to Jordan

What awaits us in Jordan?

Jordan is a country that has almost everything. From archaeological sites of first magnitude, white sand beaches surrounded by lush coral, mountains where you can make great hiking trails, deserts to take off your hat, hot springs in a land with few volcanoes, castles of the cross era and a place as strange as the Dead Sea is. That and more is what this magnificent country is waiting for us again.

A very safe country

If we look at a map, the truth is that Jordan is surrounded by not very friendly countries. On the west is Israel, the states Palestinians and the Lebanon. For the North Syria, by the EastIraq and for the SouthSaudi Arabia. Countries that do not live their best moments in security matters and therefore, tourists do not want to visit.


Nevertheless Jordan It is an oasis in the middle of the storm. A relatively safe country, with good infrastructure and where the tourist is relatively safe, except for rare occasions as can happen anywhere in the world given the existing globalization.

Preparations for traveling to Jordan

Jordan visa

As a general rule, the visa is made at the entrance of the country where an amount of money is paid. 40 JOD. Most Spanish-speaking countries can do it this way except for Colombia. These must be processed at the origin.

Travel insurance to Jordan

As in any foreign country we visit, good travel insurance is necessary, especially in those places where the health guarantee may not meet our expectations. From Travel by Free we recommend Iati, which has always worked phenomenally.

Ask for travel insurance budget

How to get to Jordan

To travel to Jordan there are direct flights from Spain with Royal Jordanian as well as options with stops via Turkey and Greece especially. Flights are especially expensive in high season and low in low season if we buy them in advance

Compare flights to Jordan

Accommodation in Jordan

Today with globalization so widespread, at the click of a button we can make all the hotel reservations we need. In Jordan almost all the portals that are dedicated to this work, taking away headaches if they are full on our arrival. We only use them in case of visiting the country in high season or we know that in the place of destination the accommodations are scarce.

Oasis Desert Camp

In Jordan we must take into account that prices fluctuate depending on the season and many of them are bargain upon arrival, so if we hire it online we will not be able to do so. Prices vary depending on our needs, but it is not difficult to find a double room for 20/30 JOD.

There are accommodations of all kinds, from luxury resorts to the free camping in Wadi Rum. The latter with the camps built in the desert are the most attractive options.

Jordan by rental car

It is the option that we are going to make this year. For 10 days it costs us approximately 280$, with insurance included. At first we think of a 4 × 4, which is twice as expensive but in the end we dismiss the option by not making much sense. Really the only route through the desert that we are going to do is by Wadi rum and there we plan to hire a guide.

Wadi rum

Jordan has a network of roads in good condition, without the need for a 4×4 to reach the main tourist claims. Perhaps the biggest drawback is his driving, but we end up doing everything. Finally and as advice, it is recommended to take out insurance anti glass breakage, since the roads can have a lot of gravel.

Jordan by public transport

It is another good option to travel to Jordan if we are on time and our budget is limited. There are several companies that operate in Jordan, such as JETT which has buses to well-known destinations from Amman to Petra by 10 JOD or Aqaba and the Dead Sea by 7 JOD.

Climate in Jordan

The best time to visit Jordan is from March to June, that is why it is called the High season. During those months the temperatures are mild and there is hardly any rainfall. From November to February, temperatures plummet, snowing at the highest levels and where virtually all the rains of the year fall. These make many hiking trails impracticable, forcing to close numerous natural and archaeological sites due to frequent flooding. From July to OctoberThe heat is suffocating, especially in desert areas like Wadi Rum.

Wadi rum

What are we going to take to Jordan?

Knowing that we are going to travel to Jordan in full winter We must be warm. It is common for temperatures to touch 0 degrees in Amman and in the areas of Petra and Wadi Rum. The latter despite being in very desert areas are at an altitude greater than 1000 meters. This will force us to take more clothes than usual and even if it seems a lie, a jacket that repels water.

Itinerary to travel to Jordan in 10 days

10 days are not enough to travel to the country, although tour operators sell mainly 7-day packages. The ideal is 15 days, so we will stay without seeing some things and focus on the most important.

Map of our route

Preparations for traveling to Jordan (10-day route)

Day 0 - Amman

We arrived on a night flight to Amman, around 10pm. This means that we will go almost directly to bed as we will lose some time on the visa and transport from the airport.

Day 1 - Amman - Aqaba

The next day we will meet at 08:30 at the Amman Citadel, just at the time of its opening. We will visit the whole complex and finish at the Roman theater around 12:00 (2 JDN) From there we will go to the rental office to pick up the car and go to Aqaba, which is about 4 hours away. As it is usually dark at about 6:00 pm, we hope to arrive during the day.

The bus to Aqaba costs about 7.5 JDN (€ 10) with Jett Buss.

Day 2 - Aqaba

The day will be spent on the beach, where we will do a couple of diving dives and some snorkeling in the Red Sea. We will spend the night in Aqaba as well.

Two dives cost about 55 JDN.

Day 3 - Aqaba - Wadi Rum

We will get up at 06:30 to get toWadi rum before 08:00. We have more or less 1 hour Road trip. The truth that we could have slept in Wadi Rum the night before, but we avoid this by not spending an extra night in a coldjaima in winter and because it is advisable not to visit high areas after diving.

Once in Wadi Rum we will hire an excursion in 4×4 and we will sleep in some jaima.

A taxi to Wadi Rum costs JDN 30 (€ 40). It is 1h of journey and the taxi driver has to return. The 4 × 4 routes start from the 30 JDN.

Day 4 - Wadi Rum - Petra

We will be in Wadi Rum until 3:00 pm on a hiking trail. Later we will leave forPetra where we have almost 2h by car

Days 5-6-7 - Petra

We will spend several days in Petra because they deserve it. We will visit from the best known places, both day and night, as well asLittle petra and several hiking trails. The last day we will leave for the castle of Karak to 2:30'already near the Dead Sea.

The entrance to Petra costs between 50, 55 and 60 JDN (€ 80). Tickets for 1, 2 and 3 days if you show that you are staying at Wadi Musa. If they are not 90 JDN, Price for those who come by cruise. Also a bus from Amman are about 10 JDN (15€).

Day 8 - Madaba, Ma'in and Shobak Castle

In the early morning we will visit the Templar castle of Shobak and then move to the city of Madaba where there are some very important mosaics on the floor of the church of Saint George (1 JDN). Then we will enjoy the hot springs of the night Ma'in (35/40 JDN) until you sleep in a hotel on the banks of the Dead Sea.

Day 9 - Dead Sea and Jerash

We will waste time, if it really is worth it…, one morning at the Dead Sea and then head towardsJerash, to 1h40 ' and where we will spend the night.

Day 10 - Jerash - Ajloun - Amman

We will visit the Greco-Roman city of Jerash in the morning, then move quickly to the Templar castle of Ajloun. After finishing the visit we will head to Amman, to 1h30 ' Where we will leave our rental car.

Day 11 - Amman - Origin

Unfortunately we have an early flight, around 07:30, which will prevent us from continuing to visit Amman.

Our trip will end by giving us a good nap on the return plane.

Travel insurance

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