The best excursions in Cuba


Cuba is a country that is generally granted very few days to visit. Its size is undervalued and many people are amazed at how big the island is once they are there and the huge distances to travel. Normally the average tourist spends between 7 and 10 days no more, when from my point of view they should spend at least 15 days. That is why the hiring of excursions from Havana or any other part of Cuba It is an asset on the rise, helping to visit places that otherwise would have cost us more time and knowing that car rental in Cuba is so expensive that in many situations it is not worth it.

Vinales Valley of Cuba

The best excursions in Cuba from our point of view

Why hire an excursion in Cuba?

To be frank, if I hear the word excursion, my hair gets on end. I am one of those people who avoid them and prefer to rent a car and do everything on my own and if time permits, using other means of transport. With Cuba for example it is different. I have been twice, both for a short period of time not exceeding 10 days and I have always spent about 4 days in Havana and a couple of days in some heavenly beach like Maria the Fat.

The Malecon of Havana

Having few additional days and seeing the costs involved in renting a vehicle, I had to opt for an excursion. Those in which sooner or later you will end up in a shop or restaurant for tourists, but at least they give you the opportunity to visit the desired place with little difficulty. In addition, as most tourists begin and end in Havana, we will focus on these types of excursions, which are or depart from the capital of Cuba.

Here you can see and make a reservation of any excursion through Cuba.

Excursions in Havana

From my point of view the best excursions in Cuba that we can do in the city of Havana we can do them for free. However, if we are looking to get to know the city more deeply, it is always advisable to hire the services of a guide. In Havana there are many types of excursions, but the most requested are the following:

Guided tour of Havana

It is perhaps the most demanded today as it is a tour totally guided by the main tourist attractions of the city such as the Revolution Square, the Malecon, the Cathedral, among other places.

Havana Cathedral

Hemingway tour

Tour of the favorite places of this American writer where the famous will not be missing middle winery and the Floridita.

La Floridita - What to do in Havana

Tour Havana in a classic car

Most of the mens who visit the city, they break their neck when they see an American classic go by as if the years had not gone through it. Many of these vehicles come together in the Central Park near to Capitol Waiting to hunt some tourist. Its price is negotiable but it is convenient to haggle since the initial prices are usually high.

National Capitol of Havana

Not only can they be used for a tour, but we can also use them as a taxi. We must also take into account that convertibles and the best preserved are the ones with the highest prices.

Visit to the Rum Museum

If you like Rum and want to know how it is made, nothing better than the excursion to visit the Rum museum. In it you will see the elaboration step by step of this drink as well as a small consumption. Of course, it is only a museum not a distillery as such.

Havana Club Museum

Cuba tours

If in a few days you have managed to see everything that Havana can offer you, it is time to try to discover the jewels that occupy this part of the island. There are many so we will have to study well what we are looking for.

Viñales Valley

It is perhaps one of the best excursions that we can do from Havana because it is complete. We will visit the Valle de Viñales, previously stopping at a rum factory in the city of Pinewood of the river. From there we will visit a series of viewpoints of the Viñales Valley as well as a tobacco plantation where we will see several dryers.

Vinales Valley of Cuba

Finally we will finish on a boat trip on the Indian cave, where we will eat in a nearby restaurant at the foot of the wall of prehistory.

Varadero excursion

Personally, I believe that Varadero is not worth it unless your final destination is one of the paradise keys that are outside the hotel line. Even so if yours are the sandy beaches with a cubata in your hand, this is your excursion., Because you will not find anything else.

The best excursions in Cuba

Excursion to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Topes

Another of the star excursions and whenever you have a couple of days to do it since you will have to spend a night in Trinity. The historic cities of Cienfuegos, Santa Clara and Trinidad are visited, ending in the nature reserve of Collantes bumpers.

The best excursions in Cuba

Practical data

Tours and excursions

Our recommendation for the best excursions in Cuba is Enjoy Cuba oCivitatis. A company with good professionals and we have not had any complaints.

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And if you want to rent a car?

Cuba is opening a lot to international tourism and that is why local companies are starting to emerge where they offer excellent rates. For example, a good way to get around Cuba, far from scams and other moves, is rent a car and go for free.

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