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That Sony A7 buy, for many an eternal thought. I have had a brand new Sony A7 II for 6 months after leaving Canon behind for more than 10 years. In 6 months my life has changed from the photographic point of view, because from becoming a fan, I still belong to Canon, to being an “early adopter” of Sony's purest innovation, the Full Frame cameras without a mirror. I regret?. Am I happy with the change? Here is my experience.

What Sony A7 to buy

The purchase decision

From the first moment I wanted a Sony A7. They had told me about wonders, but I wasn't sure what Sony A7 to buy. The use I was going to give was mainly for photography and some video, but I was afraid of losing a lot by leaving behind my brand new Canon 5D.

From the first Sony A7 until today several models have come out. The camera has evolved a lot and has become a new reference in Full Frame cameras. The Sony A7II is a top seller, but if your passion is video the S range, like the A7S or the A7SII, are your cameras. The S series is specialized in video. On the other hand, the A7II is more aimed at pure photography, yes, with a first-class video. Then there is the R range, the older sister and the most professional of all. It's like the A7II but with better specifications.

Full frameFull frameCMOS Exmor FFCMOS Exmor R FF
24 Mp24 Mp12 Mp42.2 Mp
Full HDFull HD4K4K
1920 × 1080 video1920 × 1080 videoVideo 3,840 × 2,160Video 3840 × 2160
Without stabilizerWith stabilizerWith stabilizerWith stabilizer
ISO 25600ISO 25600ISO 100-102400ISO 25600
1/80001/80001/8000 to 30s1/8000 to 30s
Electronic viewfinderElectronic viewfinderOled XGA ViewerOled XGA Viewer
921.600p screen1,228,800p screen1,228,800p screen1,228,800p screen

A new travel companion

Being frank, I have to say that this purchase decision was hard, very hard. Change brand and have to sell all goals and the camera is very lazy. If a brand works for you, why change? But of course, seeing that Canon does not evolve as one wants and knowing that brands like Sony were taking out very interesting products in the end I ended up throwing myself into the pool. Once you know that Sony A7 buy the truth is that neither selling the other was a trauma nor the change was a nightmare.

The first days with the Sony A7

The Sony A7 II was acquired with the lens F4 24 - 70 of Zeiss, a lens that seemed to me something big at first but then when compared to a similar Canon one my perception changed. If it's not big! I thought that when I saw the same goal in Canon.

At first with the Sony A7 everything was different. He electronic viewfinder It seemed something strange, but it gave me much more information than Canon and of course something more real. He size, a delight, much more compact and lighter. He menu system, of course more complete but just as complex as Canon's. And what matters most to us all, the image quality both in photography and video. Not a tear I let go, quite the opposite.

In St. Petersburg with the Sony A7 II
With the Sony A7 in New York

To say that the quality of the Sony A7 is superior to that of a Canon Full Frame is a lot to say, but the truth is that everything depends on the conditions. The Sony A7 It is wonderful in low light conditionsreached a ISO of 25,600 with much less grain than the Canon. In normal light conditions I still could not say which one behaves better, since both the results are more than satisfactory and with the Sony for being your new toy sometimes you put it on a slightly higher step. It is human, isn't it? The truth is that at no time I put my hands to the head for the purchase, quite the opposite, but after a month if I could find the odd one.

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Small inconveniences of the Sony A7

Canon has always had a range of objectives along with Nikon far superior to the rest and in this case it is more than evident. Sony with the new mirrorless cameras with E mount and Full Frame is somewhat lacking in objectives, but if your thing is to travel there is more than enough, yes, nothing cheap. I have been able to test at least 3 objectives, 3 objectives that are fundamental if you are a traveler like us:

  • Carl Zeiss F4 24 - 70. I use it for almost everything
  • Sony FE 24 - 240 mm. An SUV with excellent quality but very, very heavy
  • Sony SEL1635Z F4-22. An excellent wide angle, of the few in the Sony range

A part is the classic 50mm 1.8 for less than € 300, small but bully.

It is true that if we add the mount and these 3 objectives we go to more than € 5,000, but of course, quality is what it has. In Canon or Nikon there are much cheaper, and that can traumatize more than one pocket that does not look for high quality lenses.

Another of the initial inconveniences that I could find is the ignition time, the Sony is slower, and especially the image processing with a lot of exposure time, where it always goes on forever. When you do a night photography with an exposure time greater than 5s when it finishes, it may take about 10s longer to show you the result.

Another thing I didn't like is the eye visor protector, which a few days later took off without falling and is still there :).

I can no longer live without her

I'm sorry, I have to say it. My life has changed, already I can't live without a camera like the Sony A7. My motives are many, but I can summarize them in two. Quality and weight In my case the use that I give mainly to the camera is semi-professional. In many ways it is sometimes a lot of camera, but when you see the video quality, impressive, and of course the one of the Photographs I have no doubt about the change I made.

From the Circle of Fine Arts
St. Petersburg with the Sony A7 II

In the Montana or in Adverse conditions The Sony A7 II behaves excellently. I have been able to take pictures at 10 degrees below zero and not even flinch. When we do hiking trails in high mountains to be smaller than the Canon a lot is appreciated. We carry a backpack accessory that makes the camera easily accessible and you don't have to carry bags or straps. Something indispensable.

Backpack accessory

The Sony A7 for sports

One of the things I opt for the Sony A7 is the quality it offers in scenes with a lot of movement and sports. I am not a purist or a super expert in the field, but the quality it offers has nothing to lose compared to my "old" Canon 5D. I have not uploaded photos to all the quality offered to the blog, but in my view the results are excellent. Is able to do 5 pictures per second without blinking, yes, you will need a very fast SD card. In addition, the approach is very fast, although sometimes I have the feeling that the Canon is a faster tad.

I could say that Sony A7 buy after several months of experience and the truth that I chose in my case the most appropriate. The A7II for quality and budget.

With the Sony A7 in Torres del Paine

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Sony A7 II
Construction and quality
Image quality
Low light conditions
Sports sequences
Electronic viewfinder
Connectivity (Wifi)
SummaryWe love the latest from Sony. That a brand innovates so much in this segment makes many consider leaving brands like Canon or Nikon. A good choice for travelers looking for a good and light weight equipment. 98 %
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