Peterhof Palace, the incredible residence of a Tsar


Peterhof Palace next to Versailles in France are the most incredible palaces and ostentatious of the world. But in the case of Peterhof and thanks to the time of the Czars during his stay in St. Petersburg, he brought us not only an enviable architecture and buildings, but also a time of great inequalities that luckily have disappeared over time.

Peterhof is much more than a palace, it is a huge complex of buildings and large parks next to the gulf of Finland with hundreds of sculptures from the 18th and 19th centuries. We talk about more than a thousand hectares, so you can get an idea of ​​its size and its grandeur.

A little history

It is said that the wife of Peter I the Great, Catherine I, convinced the Tsar to build the Peterhof Palace and thus make the journeys for the kingdom and his stay in summer more bearable. They thought big, and besides a huge forest to hunt, currently a park, they were sent to carve more than 38 statues and 213 low reliefs next to impressive sources. Several complexes were built, such as the Grand Palace, the Hermitage Pavilion, the Marly Palace or the Monplasir Palace, the preferred place of Peter I, since it was by the sea.

Peterhof - Marly Mansion

Peterhof Palace It was mainly used as a summer palace until the end of the era of the tsars. After this time, and more in our recent history, specifically in the Second World War, the Peterhof Palace like many buildings in Russia suffered the ravages of that war. It was occupied by the Germans and bombarded by the Soviets themselves for Stalin's wrath, as he intended to thwart a party he planned to hold there Hitler. Bomb your own heritage out of hate and resentment? Of course…

Luckily, the Peterhof Palace was not sacked like other palaces during WWII, as it was evacuated days before its invasion and more than 50 statues and thousands of decorative objects could be moved. Even so, Stalin preferred to dynamit part of the palace for the Germans to occupy and celebrate their victories there.

Peterhof after World War II
Peterhof today

Places to visit in St. Petersburg

Point number 8 is the Peterhof Palace, so you can get an idea of ​​the distance from the city center.

St. Petersburg map

Our visit to Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace, from the first day we set foot in St. Petersburg, we were very clear that we had to visit it. When you take a map of the city and see the distance between the city and the palace you realize the dimensions of this small corner of Russia, St. Petersburg is huge!, As we talk about 30km between the center of St. Petersburg and the entrance of the Peterhof Palace.

Peterhof Map

We had several alternatives to go to Peterhof Palace. In hydroplane, the most expensive, or by train, the most economical option. Being summer we decided on the hydrofoil, especially for the feeling of sailing and seeing the views of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland. We left for about 1,300 rubles (no card allowed) and we took the boat behind the Hermitage Museum. Look at the schedules, they change a lot depending on the season.

See practical data below. There is a way for everything to come out half-priceeven the ship

After half an hour of navigation, the ship dropped us off at the Peterhof Palace jetty. The first sensation as soon as you get off the boat is great, since from the shore it is impressive. How could these tsars live like this while their people starved to death?

St. Petersburg - Peterhof
St. Petersburg - Peterhof

At the jetty you buy the entrance to the gardens of the Peterhof Palace, where we recommend carrying cash. We left for 500 rubles, but to this we must add the entrance to the Grand Palace, which is 550 rubles. Practically we talk about the place, if we add the price of the hydrofoil / boat, more expensive in St. Petersburg, but the truth is worth the investment.

We arrived at 10:00, Best time, since at 11am (in August) is the time that turn on the fountains And they play background music. Here we recommend Do not squat with the hundreds of tourists to be in the front row for such an event, since minutes later the tourists march and the fountains continue to pour water with the same force, yes, without background music.

St. Petersburg - Peterhof

Shortly after the ignition of the 11 o'clock fountains we went to visit the Palacio Grande, which is located just above them. Like all the palaces of the czars they are too ostentatious, but the execution and design is really incredible. The furniture and paintings are really unique. By the way here they don't let take pictures, so we can teach you little.

Once we saw the palace we went to visit the gardens, visiting large fountains and small mansions.

St. Petersburg - Peterhof

Under the Marly's Mansion there is a pond where you can fish sturgeon, yes, at 3,200 rubles the piece. Who likes to fish and eat it should be a delicacy, but a bit expensive.

After almost 2 hours of visit we went to rest on the shore, practically we lay here all morning, surely in winter it is all day, since in summer, when we were there, luckily it was getting late quite late.

St. Petersburg - Peterhof

Practical data

How to get to Peterhof Palace?

To get to the Peterhof Palace from St. Petersburg there are several alternatives:

  • Boat / Hydroplane. 1,300 rubles round trip. There are several ships just behind the Hermitage.
  • 20-minute train and ride. About 70 rubles. it is taken in Baltiysky vozkal until Novy Petrodvorets.

When to go?

The best time to enjoy Peterhof Palace is between May and September, when it is less cold and when the Neva River and part of the Gulf of Finland is no longer frozen and therefore passable by boat or hydrofoil.

Tours and excursions (without waiting for queues)

If you do not want to wait in line and also, you want to book your visits to St. Petersburg in advance, we recommend you see the following tours.

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How to save money?.

In St. Petersburg there is a card called St. Petersburg Card that can save you a lot of money. For about 3,500 rubles, 3 days, or 4,500 rubles four days, you can access many palaces, museums and even transportation, for example, the entrance to Peterhof and a one-way boat ride to this wonderful palace.

Where to sleep in St. Petersburg?

Here we leave you the best options that you can find on pages such as Booking or Tripadvisor among others:

  • Apartments on Italyanskaya. from € 70 per night
  • Mesto Hotel. Small and romantic from € 60 a night
  • Stony Island Hotel at Lomonosova. The decoration is exquisite, decorated in stone. From € 60
  • Hotel Club Chao Mama. Apartments with terrace with modern decor. From € 90
  • The 5th floor hotel. one of the most beautiful and best in the city. From € 47
  • Forem Apartments, apartments overlooking the church of spilled blood. from € 70 per night

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