Travel by train from Brussels to Bruges (move in Flanders)


Travel by train from Brussels to Bruges, and why not, to any destination within Flanders, such as Antwerp, Ghent or Lovaina. Belgium is not only a country to move in bike, the truth is quite flat, if not by train, a medium that communicates in a short time and to the perception to many localities of the country. In the north, Flanders, this medium is so key that almost all Belgians use it daily for how comfortable and fast it is.

By train from Brussels to Bruges

Tips before leaving

  • You can buy tickets at the station itself, inside the train (with a € 3 surcharge) or online at Belgian Rail, in SNFC Airlines (very easy to use) or in Rail Europe
  • There are vending machines in all seasons. It can be paid in cash or by card
  • There is a card called Go Unlimited if you have less than 26 that during the summer offers for € 12 per week or € 25 per month travel all you want by train
  • There is another kind of bonuses called Key Card or Rail Pass to save money if you travel frequently
  • There is an app for iPhone, Android or Windows calledNMBS / SNCB that allows you to not only buy tickets, but to see routes or to have notices among other things
  • The pets They carry a separate, minimal fee, but you have to pay

Buy tickets

From Brussels airport to Bruges

At the Brussels airport itself you can now take the train to any point in Belgium. Bruges or Brussels are the main destinations and therefore those that cover most of the schedules. Every 15min or 30 min you have a train to Bruges that takes about an hour and thirty minutes. The price is usually around € 15 to € 20.

Buying a train ticket

Once at Bruges station, at Stationsplein 5, in less than 20 minutes on foot you can be in the center. If you want to use public transport you can take any bus that puts Centrum If you go to the resort.

Arriving in Bruges

By the way, being the web in English do not put Bruges if not Brugge 🙂

From Brussels to Bruges

There are three seasons Important in Brussels. The southern station, the one that receives the highest number of connections and trains in all of Europe, and the smaller, central station, but almost all the travelers who come to visit the city will stop.

  • South Station: 47B Avenue Fonsny
  • Central station: Carrefour De L'Europe / Europakruispunt 2
  • North station: Rue du Progrès 76

Brussels stations

Trains to Bruges are usually taken from the south station, since if you don't have to change trains. The one-way ticket is around € 15.

To other points in Flanders

Virtually all main cities of Flanders They are connected by train, so you can mark a trip from city to city without taking a car or plane, you can do everything by train. And best of all, the stations are usually a few minutes walk from the center. If traveling by train from Brussels to Bruges is easy, the rest is practically the same.

Flanders stations map

How to travel by train (VIDEO)

We attached an interesting video of the tourist office of Flanders where he explains how to travel by train.

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