Where to go on vacation on the May bridge


It happens to all of us that after enjoying a short Easter holiday we are looking forward to more. It is here where the may bridge plays a fundamental role, being a bridge long enough to meet our needs before the long-awaited summer vacation. 4 days go a long way and therefore we offer several places in Spain where you can enjoy them. Some of these locations can be seen in one day, but they start with the advantage of being surrounded by more interesting sites that will surely satisfy your demands.

What to see in Ávila

Where to go on vacation at the May bridge in Spain

Eight are the places chosen for the next May bridge. Located in 7 autonomous communities and located far enough from each other to choose only one of them. We have sincerely done this intentionally since they alone do not deserve additional displacement, as well as being strategically located where we can see many more things.

Where to go on vacation on the May bridge

1 Foz de Lumbier and Arbayún (Navarra)

Navarra is a land with large canyons created by erosion caused by water, being the Lumbier Foz and the Arbayún Foz Two great exponents of it. The first is a trekking of low difficulty and ideal for children and the second consists of a large viewpoint.

Where to go on vacation on the May bridge

The route through the Lumbier foz runs along an old 3/4 kilometer train line in a linear fashion between the villages of Lumbier andLiédena. Ideally, leave the car in one of these two villages and make the round trip route, with a total of 6 kilometers.

Not far from Lumbier we have the Leyre Monastery, the magnificent castles of Olite and Javier, the incredible royal chains and the medieval town of You are the catholic king. Perfect for the May bridge right ???

Where to go on vacation on the May bridge

Finally and 10 minutes from Lumbier, is the viewpoint of the Arbayún Foz, ideal for those who do not want to take a step.

More information in the following article:Foz de Lumbier

2 La Alberca (Castile and León)

We commented at the time, the pool and the set of towns that border the Sierra of France, they represent one of the most beautiful regions of Castilla y León and possibly of Spain. Good examples are San Martín del Castañar, Miranda del Castañar, Mogarraz or the Peña de Francia Sanctuary in addition to the Pool itself.

The pool

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3 Ávila (Castile and León)

For those heading to the center of the country, there is a triangle worth visiting, as it is Ávila - Salamanca - Segovia. Ávila is by far the least visited and the truth is not quite understood. That is why I encourage you to visit it, being the main walled city of Spain and where you eat really phenomenal.

What to see in Ávila

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4 Serranía de Cuenca (Castilla la Mancha)

The bridge of May is ideal to visit Cuenca and its mountain range. A set of forests and mountains populated by large gorges, rock formations of curious shapes and numerous lakes whose origins are the most curious. The most visited instead are their waterfalls, mainly those located in the births of the Cuervo river and the Jucar river.

What to see in the Serranía de Cuenca

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5 Sierra de Cádiz (Andalusia)

One of the most beautiful natural places I have visited in the last 2 years has been the Sierra de Cádiz or Sierra de Grazalema, depending on who you ask. A vergel in the north of the province of Cádiz where the white of the villages merges into the green of the mountains. Villages like Ubrique, Grazalema or Zahara de la Sierra are good examples of what we can visit, without diminishing importance to hiking trails such as the Pinsapar de Grazalema, the highest alpine ascent of Cádiz or the Salto del Cabrero.

Ascension to the Torreón - Sierra de Cádiz

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  • Zahara de la Sierra
  • The Grasalema Pinsapar
  • El Torreón, the highest peak in Cádiz
  • Route through the Salto del Cabrero.

6 Monfragüe National Park (Extremadura)

We visited him last February and we really loved it. Two days are more than enough to cover it almost entirely and if we combine it with a visit to Trujillo, we will leave the bridge of May with a magnificent taste.

What to see in the national park of Monfragüe

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7 Aran Valley (Catalonia)

It is good to know that the Aran Valley is made up of 33 municipalities that house just over 10,000 inhabitants. Many live on tourism in part thanks to the nearby ski resort of Baqueira-Beret, but even if it did not exist, the villages are of a captivating beauty, especially when they are accompanied by a landscape as splendid as the Pyrenees.


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8 Menorca Island (Balearic Islands)

From our point of view Minorca It is the greatest jewel of the Balearic Islands. Crystal clear water beaches where the Mediterranean forest reaches the same waters and where the English and Talayotic past gives us the opportunity to visit numerous monuments such as defensive fortresses and prehistoric tombs.

Creek in Brut

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Practical data

Where to sleep in Ávila

  • Hotel Valderrábanos: located in front of the cathedral.
  • Palacio de los Velada: spectacular setting in the historical caste.
  • Hotel Fontecruz Avila Golf: out of town but with services such as a nearby golf course and swimming pool.
  • Hotel H2 Ávila: located a little away from the historic center but with moderate prices and good services.

Where to sleep in the Serranía de Cuenca

We chose to stay in the town of Tragacete, where there is even a splendid waterfall very close to the source of the Júcar river.

  • Hotel el Gamo in Tragacete: our choice and located in a quiet village, with free Wi-Fi and an excellent breakfast.
  • El Escalerón rural house: located in Uña, one of the most beautiful villages in the area and with a large lake.
  • El Jincón corner: also located in Uña and with very comfortable rooms.
  • La Utrera tourist accommodation: located in Las Majadas, one of the nerve centers of the mountains and where you eat fear.

Where to sleep in the Sierra de Cádiz

We propose two options:

  • Rural apartments Sierra Alta. Located at Benaocaz and with exquisite views. It has a kitchen, terrace, pool and internet in each apartment. Our choice.
  • Hotel Villa de Grazalema. At the top of the town lies this charming hotel from where several hiking trails depart. Similar as comforts of the previous one.

Where to sleep in the Aran Valley

The Aran Valley is very diverse in qualities and prices, so we are going to propose the following selection:

Low / medium price

  • The Vall Blanca. Apartment complex in Vielha Ideal for a ski trip.
  • Verneda campsite. Wooden houses ideal for a family trip.
  • Banhs de Tredós, on the road from Salardú to the National Park. It is one of the most spas / hotel isolated Pyrenees
  • Portola pension. Situated in Arties.
  • Montardo Guesthouse. Situated in Arties.
  • Edelweiss A classic of Arties.

High price

  • Val de Neu Hotel. With indoor pool and impeccable facilities
  • Rafael Hotels by La Pleta. Open only in high season it is one of the most spectacular and also the most recent.
  • AC Baqueira Ski. Sublime rooms next to the ski resort. One of the best in the area

Where to sleep in Lumbier's foz

Not going too far, in Lumbier we have places like:

  • Irubide Hotel. Complies, both by proximity and price.
  • To eat cheap, La Cueva.
  • And to fill your belly, the Dantzari Grill.

Where to sleep in the pool

  • Garden houses, the name says it all
  • The corner of Animas
  • La Hospederia de la Peña de Francia (a few kilometers from the Pool)

Where to sleep in Monfragüe

  • Monfragüe National Park Bungalows: it is the option to camp in the national park and the truth is that it is very good. It will not disappoint.
  • Al-Mofrag cottage: it was our choice. They have several houses in Villarreal, one of them in apartment format with kitchen and two rooms. Recommendable.

Where to sleep in Menorca

  • Hotel Biniatram Agroturisme. It was our choice and it certainly exceeded our expectations.
  • Agroturismo Son Vives Menorca. In the center of the island and in a place close to everything.
  • Agroturismo San Torre Blanca. Rural tourism north of Menorca.
  • Aparthotel Beach Club. With sea views in a unique enclave.

Offers to travel on the bridge of May

Here you have a selection of companies where you can find some interesting discount. Normally if you hire the classic flight + hotel you usually save a lot of money, so we leave you the ones we have tried in case they are useful.

  • Catch it, with discounts up to 40%. We usually find some bargain, since they have the same destination with up to 5 offers
  • Destinia, getaways with discounts if you book in advance
  • Heading, they usually have last minute offers and flights with less commission than normal
  • Last Minute, last minute offers. We have tried it once and OK!

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