What to see in Flanders in 4 days (Easy and simple train route)


Visiting Flanders in 4 days opened our eyes to discover one of the most beautiful and colorful regions of Belgium. On our trip we toured cities connected by train, the great means of transport in the country, and visited cities like the universityLeuven, the spectacularGhent and the lively and powerful Antwerp.

4 days go a long way, but obviously with that time you have to prioritize and not visit the entire region, something that made us leave the capital out of the list, Brussels, and to the best known and tourist, Witches. The things to see in Flanders are countless, but any city or any choice will always be the right one, don't worry! The main cities have all their charm and there are always many, many things to see and do in each one. Let's get to the point, we tell you our 4-day route in Flanders that you will surely copy.

What to see in Flanders in 4 days

The Flanders region

Belgium is a country that could be said of new creation, since its foundation dates back to 1830 when the regions of Flanders to the north, of the Flemish language, and Wallonia to the south, of French and Germanic language. Flanders is considered the most prosperous part of Belgium and also historically one of the regions most affected by the great World Wars of the last century. In fact, the poppies, symbol of the fallen, come from one of the great battles in Flanders, that of Ypres.


Today most of the tourism in Belgium lies in the Flanders region, since in addition to housing the capital, Brussels, has icons like Bruges or Ghent. For Spaniards Flanders has a memory in our history, since it belonged almost 2 centuries to Spain, from 1554 to 1714, and today you can still see signs of that time in cities like Antwerp or Ghent.

Flanders an ideal region for a short vacation and even getaways, since in addition to beauty in its architecture, gastronomy is top notch. It is a destination that we loved, so today we tell you how our trip was and what to see in Flanders.

This route is a plan to perform on a bridge. WE RECOMMEND IT!

Travel budget

This is the Approximate budget of a 4-day trip to Flanders. Obviously it depends on the budget and how much foodies each can be.

  • Plane tickets: € 70 (In Skyscanner you can find them even cheaper)
  • Train tickets: € 50 (You can buy them in Voyage or NMBS)
  • Restaurants / Meals: € 300 (Everything depends on the luxury of each one)
  • Hotels (4 nights): € 400 (Depends on the category of the hotel you choose)
  • Total trip for two people in hotels: 820€
  • Total trip for two people in cheaper hotels: € 500 (cheaper hotels and restaurants)

4-day train route

Travel map

Our entire tour was by train, except for arrival by plane. Then in the cities we didn't need to use public transport, since everything is relatively close on foot and many areas are pedestrian.

  • Leuven (see article "what to see in Leuven")
  • Ghent (see article "what to see in Ghent")
  • Antwerp (see article “key points of Antwerp“)

4-day Flanders route

See in Google Maps

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What things did we do in 4 days?

Day 1 Leuven

We arrived in Belgium landing at the Brussels airport, where it is possible to take the train and go in this medium to any city in the country. We have bought all the tickets online, since we were clear which cities we thought we would see in Flanders. As we tell in our article about what to see in Leuven, this city has an important university character and is the ideal size to see it in a quiet morning. From her we loved the great beguinage of Begijnhof, where you have to read its history, it's a pass, the town hall and the Grote Markt, the main square of the city.

Groot Begijnhof, Leuven

Christmas season Leuven is transformed and filled with stalls and markets for the occasion, an ideal time to visit it. As recommendation Goingeat kokoon on an empty stomach, since the amounts are important :). At Christmas, be careful with your pockets, there are too many things that one may want to buy.

Epi and Blas for Christmas


  • Train Brussels airport - Leuven (Leuven): 15 minutes
  • Price: 10€

Day 2 Ghent

The next day very early we take the train to Ghent, a city to which we fell at his feet, simply breathtaking, both day and night. Ghent is the city of the two rivers, ofLeie (Lys) and ofScald, a touch that gives Brujas some air in several streets. During the middle ages Ghent became one of the most prosperous and important cities of the time, something that today can be perceived in its architecture and the richness of each city building.

The church of San Nicolás from the bell tower

When you walk through Ghent it is not difficult to find those commercial features. Places likeGraslei & Korenlei They impact anyone who visits it. We would not know if Ghent is more impressive during the day or at night, as these canals and buildings rival any historic building in Europe in beauty. An air to Amsterdam has :).

Ghent is a city ​​to walk it and although being something bigger than Leuven, one day is more than enough to bring you a good feeling of the city. We stayed at the downtown Novotel hotel and had dinner in a fantastic place and we recommend it at Graslei & Korenlei, a place called Belgian Queen, located in a historic building price next to the river.

Ghent at night


  • Train Leuven Airport - Ghent (Gand): 1h 15 minutes
  • Price: 13€

Day 3 Ghent - Antwerp

Last night in Ghent a was a bit longer than usual, since Ghent invites you to go out And enjoy your nightlife. The next day, about mid-morning we left for Antwerp, the city of diamonds and one of the cities of Flanders most linked to the History of Spain.

What to see in Flanders

In Antwerp you enter through the large door, through the central station, to walk downtown through the commercial street of Meir. Of Antwerp highlights Grote Markt, its luxury stores or its huge Cathedral. In Grote Markt you can still see spanish shields at the town hall, a nod to history that locals still remember.

If you go at Christmas, next to the Escalda River they put a huge ferris wheel next to a huge Christmas market. As a recommendation we stay in a small hotel not far from there called Les Nuits, very cuckoo and worthwhile. And for lunch or dinner visit the Applemans Brarasie, very close to Grote Markt. It has great dinner!



  • Train Ghent airport - Antwerp (Antwerpen): 50 minutes
  • Price: 10€

Day 4 Antwerp - Return home

Our last day in Flanders, with the afternoon flight, was to enjoy the great avenue that goes from the center of Antwerp to the spectacular central Station (where the train leaves), one of the most unique and overwhelming buildings in the city, since its dome and its dimensions overwhelm the travelers who are going to take the train. In Flanders it is a classic to buy chocolatebut beware, Antwerp is the fashion capital from Belgium, so you already have another excuse to visit this city.

Central Station - Antwerp


  • Train Antwerp Airport - Airport: 1h 15 minutes
  • Price: 16€

Practical data

Before leaving for Flanders

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  • Lonely Planet Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental found a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the area

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