Trekking to the spectacular Acatenango Volcano (Guatemala)


Climbing volcanoes has been an experience that has always fascinated me, but feeling that the earth is alive is a unique experience. Today we propose this, see and feel like one of the most active volcanoes of Guatemala. Curiously, at the time of publishing this post the area is closed, since the Fire volcano It is in full eruption, so both the gases and fumes emanating, as the large amount of lava, make the ascent to Acatenango Volcano It is partially prohibited.

Acatenango volcano

Guatemala. Trekking to the spectacular Acatenango Volcano

An important detail to take into account is the "sensitive" situation of certain areas far from the tourist centers of the country, such as violence. In this case, 95% of the guides in the area of Ancient, do not go up to Acatenangofor the large number of robberies. We wanted to take the risk by taking the right thing and the bet won.

The Acatenango Volcano is a volcano of 3976m of altitude, close to Antigua and attached to the active Volcano Fuego de 3763m.

Route to Acatenango Volcano

The ascension starts from the 2250m of altitude from the town of Loneliness, which is appreciated, but we should not trust so much because we lack more than 1700m of unevenness and these we must do them in a limited time.

The trail is initially marked to cross the cornfields of the area, but at no time will we find reviews of the Acatenango, except for a small shelter that we will find in the middle of the route. Therefore without GPS and map, you will never find it.

We will quickly enter the forest, somewhat unusual due to frequent eruptions. From here we arrive at the refuge, quite dilapidated by the way and make a short break. At this point, it has been reported that hikers have fallen asleep and have left some material to attack the top without weight. When they have returned exhausted they have found themselves without belongings having been stolen. Take care !!!

Acatenango Shelter

It is time to climb an almost endless zig zag with great unevenness. Personally I prefer it since the unevenness you eat quickly.

We finally reached the 3500m and we can see part of the top of the Acatenango. From this point, the explosions of the nearby Fuego Volcano, launched every 5 minutes like a real Swiss clock, begin to be heard. Remember that this volcano erupted in 2015.

From here we must slow the pace since the height forces us, but the desire to make a top helps us forget the effort made until then.

Acatenango volcano

We reached the top, with an enviable luck not to be hidden by clouds. This summit, the truth that is quite common and common to any volcano that we can find in another part of the world, but what is coming in a few seconds is incredible.

Top of Acatenango

Suddenly, a chilling sound emanates from the nearby clouds, just 500m from us. A black spot comes out between the white background and the ground wobbles. Is the Fire volcano, neighbor of Acatenango, screaming every so often in order to spit lots of rocks. The skin got goosebumps, but the moments became spectacular.

Fire volcano

Too bad it was covered by clouds, an omen of the coming storm and that finally passed us almost all the way back through the water.

The descent did not become very heavy, since we changed the way and we could see the eastern valley to the volcano. At this time, the storm we talked about before appeared and the beautiful views are over, it is what you have to travel in September through these latitudes.

Practical data

When to go?

You can visit Guatemala any time of the year, but we run the risk in the rainy season (from May to October) of ruining part of the trip. This little summary can be applied to the volcanoAcatenango, considering that even on clear days, it may be covered by some clouds.

How to get?

To get toAcatenangoDue to the restrictions that exist to upload it, the ideal is to hire the services of a guide in Antigua, which includes transportation and you will feel frankly safer.

What to wear

Sun creams, mosquito repellent, good boots, lots of water and of course food. On the top it is cool and surely you want to have a good time seeing the explosions of the neighboring volcano. By the way, if some water falls, there is a lot of mud on the roads that can complicate the descent, so refrain from running shoes.

How much does it cost to climb Acatenango?

On the internet you will find exorbitant prices. Hire it there directly and it will cost you no more than 50$.

Can anyone upload it?

No, it is required to have an acceptable physical background, but not to be an Hombre de Hierro.

Travel insurance

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