Camping or camping equipment (Travel advice)


For a perfect camping you need to bring the best material to go camping. Be beginner or take the Montana In the veins you will surely find these travelers tips to enjoy this activity. The choice of the tent, the sleeping bag, the mat or any utensil of the camping kit are key to enjoy either camping or in the mountains.

Camping equipment

Looking at the material for camping or camping, you have to make sure that you can never miss the following things:

  1. A good tent
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. A mat
  4. Good lighting (led or front lamps)
  5. Classic Camping Kit
  6. Gas stove or camping

1 Types of tent

The selection of the tent, if not the most vital, is one of the most important for a perfect camping. To start you have to decide what type of store you want:

  • Stores type 2 seconds. They are tents that are mounted very easily and that are designed primarily for campsites, since transporting them is a problem. At the time we talked about the new Decathlon range, in which we made a review of the Fresh & Black
  • Family tents. We talk about very large stores, with lounge and everything, and that also allow you to stand inside them. They can only be transported by car, since in addition to regret they occupy a barbarity
  • Mountaineering or mountain tent. They are very light stores, of very little weight and also much more expensive. Normally they are 1 place up to 4 and are the ones they use to carry in the backpack

You have to know that each store is designed for one thing and that not all bear the rain in the same way, so it is sometimes advisable not to always go to the cheapest one, since a rainy night can be eternally remembered.

Decathlon Fresh & Black Store

If we talk aboutrecommendations A typical family store is the Skandika, huge and capable up to 6 or 9 people. Another is the Tresspass Swift 200, which is like those sold in Decathlon, which extend in 2 or 3 seconds, although the new Fresh & Black we like a lot, since it has the peculiarity of being very dark inside, So sun rays do not enter even during the day. A light It is the Coleman Cobra that barely weighs 2kg, and is perfect for practicing high mountain and free camping. LaQuickhiker Ultralight by Decathlon is a pass, somewhat expensive, but with a pro shop finish.

2 Sleeping bag, synthetic or down

The choice of sleeping bag is almost as important as that of the tent. If you do bivouac (sleep without an outdoor tent) you'll know what I'm talking about. From the bags you have to know that there are mainly of synthetic fiber or of feathers. The second one heats up more and is lighter, but against it it cannot be wet and you have to keep it normally stretched so that the feathers do not suffer. The synthetic instead sometimes weighs more, but with materials such as Primaloft they have made it hot equal to or more than one of feathers, but of course, they do not shrink as much as that of feathers and take up more space.

Feathers and synthetic fiber

In addition, when choosing a bag you should know so that season or weather You need it, since a summer or winter sack is not the same. The summer ones are small and barely weigh, but if you use them on a cold night you can risk freezing or having a bad night. Therefore, if you already know what time you need it, you have to know before buying a bag that you have to look at what temperature it supports. In all bags they put the following indicators:

  • Comfort. It is the main temperature that you have to look at, it is the temperature that ensures the manufacturer that you will always be warm
  • Limit. Temperature that touches the cold and you should never exceed. You can get some cool, but if you sleep with some clothes in the bag you shouldn't be cold
  • Extreme. No one believes it. Even if they set that temperature you better not try it, you could spend the worst night of your life

Millet Baikal 750 bag

Once knowing that you have to look at each bag under our experiencewe recommend bags like:

  • Millet Baikal 750 (see in Amazon). Great summer bag and very good quality. He is the one that I am currently
  • Enkeoo (see in Amazon) .A good bag quality / price
  • Winter mountain glacier (see in Amazon). Sack of feathers, expensive as all high mountain, but with great heat capacity
  • North Face inferno (see in Amazon). I don't know if it's vulgar to say it, but it's a sack cucumber. With this it is very difficult to go cold

A trick to gain heat in buying a bivouac cover, since you gain 3 or 4 degrees and also isolates it from moisture or rain. It is mainly used for sleeping outside, but it also serves to gain some temperature.

3 Inflatable mat, technology as it has changed

Today we can already have mats that fit in the palm of your hand with weights less than 300g. Mat that swells and that barely occupy space. Comfortable, almost like a mattress. The new mats can be carried inside the backpack, without having to carry them up making transportation uncomfortable. Of these you have to know that they are somewhat more fragile, that they last less, but that if you take good care of them they can last you a lifetime. Obviously they are not as cheap as the lifetime mats, but they are less expensive than one thinks. We recommend these models:

  • Camp Essential Light Mat (see in Amazon). The one we carry. It weighs nothing, super light, yes, it is fragile and can be punctured if you don't take good care of it. Mind you, carry an anti-puncture kit
  • Vaude Tour Mango (see in Amazon). Very good quality and acceptable weight. It is one of the best sellers, but not the lightest

Camp Essential Light Mat

4 led or front lamps

When we go camping we sometimes forget one of the basic materials, the flashlight. Years ago those heavy lanterns with large batteries were left behind. Now with the arrival of the LED universe it is possible to acquire good flashlights at very affordable prices. The most comfortable lamps / lanterns are the calls front, which are the ones that can be worn on the head due to an elastic band that they incorporate. In this way you leave your hands free to be able to do other things. Anyway, we are going to leave you a recommendation of two that have a very good price of both categories:

  • VicTsing LED front (see in Amazon). With nothing less 1,000 lumens and at a great price
  • Quarice LED flashlight (see in Amazon). With various modes and positions. Good construction and with the possibility of using AAA or rechargeable batteries

Flashlight and front led

By the way about lumens. The lumen is still a unit, a unit that indicates the perceived light output. A more lumens, more light, but also more battery power. That is why the current headlamps or flashlights allow the possibility of varying this intensity, since there are times that you need more or less light.

5 Camping kit

A basic as material to go camping and that can not be missing is this kit. It can get you out of trouble or just make your life easier. From a multipurpose knife, kitchen utensils or mosquitoes.

  • Utility knife (see in Amazon). The classic Swiss always comes for everything. Be to cut, fix, open a can, eat. Whatever. They are super useful and can not be missed in any camping!
  • Kitchen kit (see in Amazon). Both the cutlery and the pan or the pan usually come included in this type of kits. Make sure they are stainless and especially light, since they sell one that weighs almost more than the backpack.
  • Flint (see in Amazon), a very useful utensil that will allow you to make fire without having a lighter or matches on hand
  • Potabilizer tube (See in Amazon). If there is no drinking water nearby and you do not trust the river you have nearby, this invention will make you drinkable in a few minutes
  • Mosquitoes (see in Amazon). Don't miss my friend. In summer or anywhere tropical a mosquito spray is more than necessary

Camping equipment

6 Hornillo or Camping Gas

There are several types of gas bottles for camping gas and these depend mainly on the country in which you live. The two main brands are Camping, blue bottles, and Primus, white and red bottles (or completely red). Campingaz bottles are usually in many gas stations or specialty stores. For example, on our trip to Iceland we only saw them in some supermarkets, instead the Primus in none.

When you buy a stove you have to look what type of bottle does it carry, since that will determine whether or not you can connect it to the upper element. As a general rule the most standard model is the CV 470 from Campingaz, but not always. In Amazon is the stove for about € 16, a very good price.

Gas bottles or camping gas


As you can see the material for camping is a world. It is very diverse and you can leave little or a lot of money. But like everything, if you want to make the perfect camping you will have to choose the appropriate material for each situation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.