Balearic Islands What to see in Winter in Ibiza


It is curious and somewhat strange, but it is clear that if you are going to visit Ibiza in winter you will meet a ghost island instead of his well-known party soul. In winter Ibiza is another island, it is quiet, but with different emotions and for another type of audience. It is lonely, it is for a few looking for a very different charm. It is perhaps for all this that winter is the best time to enjoy their landscapes and its sunsets.

Visit Ibiza in winter

Let's propose a Weekend, something brief and clearly calm. As there is almost no party, with no progress, you can enjoy certain places that in summer would be a headache.

1 Old Town of Eivissa

We are facing an ancient city and one of the jewels of Ibiza. From the upper city, Dalt Vila, you have a panoramic view of the entire city. It is surrounded by imposing walls and winding streets that descend to the port and the famous Vara de Rey walk, where there are good restaurants and charming terraces.

Ibiza old town

Behind the bustling streets of the Marina is an enclosure built in the 16th century by Carlos V to protect the city from privateers from those troubled times. At this point, they are a series of canyons and a great view of the city.


Also in the upper city we have the cathedral, which was a Carthaginian temple and a mosque before becoming a gothic cathedral.

From Eivissa I keep this part of the city, since outside it except the port is a succession of houses built without control, without harmony, like many of the cities in Spain that we have not known to take care of architecturally. This part is still the place of shops and homes of the new Ibiza, a part that is better to forget if you do not want to lose the charm of this beautiful city.

2 Punta des Moscarter, next to Portinatx

To the north of the island we have Portinatx and the Punta des Moscarter. Portinatx is still a small town dead in winter and full of life in summer. In winter it is all closed, as if a storm had taken it, but this type of tourist cycles makes you can consider a route to the Moscarter Point by the sea without people, with the feeling of walking on a desert island. From Portinatx to the lighthouse It is a small half-hour hike, with excellent views of several cliffs and Mallorca in the background as a backdrop.


Do not expect to find restaurants open in Portinatx, better take a sandwich or go to the center of the island.

3 Santa Gertrudis de Fruteira

Located in the center of the island, it has a small square where several meet terraces full of life crowded in summer and quiet in winter, next to a small church of the thirteenth century. Winter in Ibiza is what you have, tranquility.

A real wedding and at 80 in Santa Gertrudis de Fruteira

4 Cala Comta

Possibly the best sunset from all over Ibiza. Cala Comta, to the west of the island, has spectacular views of the island des Bosc next to one of the best beaches in all of Ibiza. On one of the banks there is a popular beach bar and a parking lot where many lovers go to see the sunset, as if it were a drive-in.

Comta Creek

The winter scene in Ibiza and these beaches is strange, there is no one bathing, you do not perceive tourism, but it is the ideal time to photograph these beaches as if they were a place yet to be explored.

Comta Creek

5 It's Cubells

It is one of the new churches that emerged on the island, although the beginning of its construction dates back to the end of the 19th century. Behind it, there are stunning views of a cliff and the beach of Es Cubells.

It's cubells

6 Es Vedra and Cala D'Hort

Next to the town of Cala D'hort and starting on a dirt road that reaches a restaurant, we have one of the best views of all of Ibiza and also one of the best sunsets. As a backdrop, the Island of Es Vedra, a 380m colossus that emerges over the sea.

It's Vedra

Summary for a weekend

These six points are seen quite easily and without haste during a Weekend If you rent a car. In the end, the island is very small, in just one hour it can be crossed from end to end. Besides, there is little traffic and sometimes there are sections of the highway, such as the one that starts from Eivissa to Sant Antoni de Portmany. Do not hesitate to look for a cheap flight or a ferry from Denia to enjoy this island.

Practical data

How to get?

In ferry from Denia, with your motorcycle or with your car. The journey from Denia with Baleria usually takes a little more than 3 and a half hours and is not usually very cheap. Per person the weekend is just over € 100. If you take your car add 100 € more, so unless you go a whole week I fear that with these rates this way of getting is not profitable.

In airplane. In winter it is easy to find cheap flights from Madrid for only € 60 i / v with Ryanair. Do not hesitate, take this medium for speed and price.

Tours and excursions in Ibiza

Boat trips, Formentera, hiking, catamaran, jet skis, whatever you want is possible in Ibiza 🙂

See excursions in Ibiza

How to move?

Clearly in rental car. There are many agencies at the airport with all kinds of cars and prices. As an example is Bravo rent a car, where they give you Chinese for a hare, so be careful that poor quality Chinese cars give you if you decide to rent with this agency. It is advice from the traveler and from our own experience.

Where to eat / dine?

Winter in Ibiza is so calm that most of the restaurants are closed. The few that remain are filled during the weekend and some may even lose quality. Then we recommend a few, but call before, it is possible that one is closed:


  • Can Alfredo restaurant. Open in winter. Good quality but very expensive. Phone: 971311274
  • Dalt Vila Restaurant - Basque / Catalan cuisine - Tel: 971305524
  • Sa Rosada Restaurant - Mediterranean cuisine - Tel: 971300411
  • The Brasa. Open in winter. A beautiful restaurant but overly expensive for the quality of their dishes. Phone: 971301202


  • Can Pilot restaurant in Sant Rafael. It is worth your grilled meats. Phone: 971198293
  • Can Cosmi The most famous tortillas in Ibiza. Phone: 971805020
  • The terraces of Santa Gertrudis. Open in winter. Good quality at a good price
  • Dos Lunas, first class Italian. Phone: 971198102
  • Can Pau Catalan cuisine Phone: 971197072
  • La Masía D'en Sort restaurant. Probably closed. Tel. 971310228
  • EL AYOUN - The best Arab cuisine. Phone: 971198335
  • Ca na Pepeta. Ibizan food of quality and good priceOpen in winter. Phone: 971325023

Where to sleep?

The good thing about winter is that you can take advantage of low season offers. In Hostelworld you can find interesting hotels by the sea at a great price.