Hiking in Romania, trekking in Bucegi


The practice of hiking in Romania is known worldwide for the mountain range of The Carpathians Even so, it is not a priority activity for tourists visiting the country. Romania is best known for legends like Count Dracula. Whether myth or legend, the truth is that this character is the main souvenir of the country, a shame because Romania hides a gastronomy to ask for mouth and landscapes worthy of the Lord of the Rings.

Hiking in Romania, trekking in Bucegi / Busteni

Our destination today in Travel for free are the Bucegi Mountains. Widely known within Romania by hosting one of the most prosperous ski resorts in the country. A simple trekking, with very little slope of ascent but with a strong descent. Therefore if you have delicate knees, it is not advisable.

The route. Our trekking in Bucegui

Starting from the touristBrasov (The Romanian Innsbruck), we take a road to the town calledBusteni, where we can take a cable car that saves us almost to1200 meters of unevenness. This is simply the option, since in winter there are a lot of avalanches in this area, without commenting on the little time we had, being a Sunday for a day is appreciated.

Cable car in Bucegi - Trekking in Bucegui

From Buceni we take a cable car that seems to be taken from an 80s movie. After getting off we leave northbound to Omul Peak, the highest of Bucegi with their 2505m as well as the third / fourth highest of Romania.

Hiking in Romania - Bucegui

The truth, so that we are going to deceive ourselves, the road is quite simple and not very demanding. In fact, you make the first 2 kilometers through a marked track full of curious rocks, which in winter time is a cross-country skiing track. You can get an idea of ​​the little unevenness, but the thing will change later :-D.

Road to Mount Omul

After an hour and a half of the journey we will begin to see in the distance the Omul, completely snowy and that we are in the month of June. The road begins to narrow and we find steps with lots of snow and ice, which forces us to use ice ax and crampons.

Mount Omul - Trekking in Bucegui

After two and a half hours of road, we reach our goal, the top of the Omul. However and as a curious note, on the top of Mount Omul there is a shelter with guard! so we expect a lot of tourism in the summer.

Hiking in Romania - Bucegui

Here everything seemed very worthy of a story, we have already met our goal, but beware ... we still had the long descent we have until we reach the 1st inhabited town. 1600 meters down not suitable for undemanding knees. This detail was clear to us when planning the route, what we did not know was how heavy the entire journey was.

Miguel Blanquer on Mount Omul- Trekking in Bucegui

After 3 hours of walking, seeing the damage caused by the avalanches of last winter, we arrived at the greenery. That green that costs us so much to find in Spain in summer and that in only certain northern communities we can find it. Tired, but with a truly unique landscape, the last kilometers became really enjoyable through a forest of "elves" or "dwarfs", as these forests seem taken from a novel of Tolkien. Mountain Bike lovers, here are a series of highly recommended tracks .

Mount omul
Hiking in Romania, trekking in Bucegi

Finally we come to Busteni, after traveling 24km. It was time to rest, since the next day a 2-day cruise awaited us Monte Rosu.

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Practical data

How to get?

From Brasov there are 50 minutes by road until you reach Busteni. From here we can park at the ski resort from where we will take the cable car. There are also train and bus services that take between 45 minutes and one hour.

What to wear

Take water and lots of sunscreen. A good windbreak is not enough since this part of the mountain is hit by strong winds. The ideal is to do it between the months of July and September to avoid the steps with snow.

How much does the Busteni cable car cost?

It has an approximate price of 35 Lei, with the option of going up with a bicycle for 70 or 35 lei depending on the dates. To take into account that the cable car closes if there are winds over 70 kilometers per hour. More information here.

Where to sleep?

Since there is a Ski station Nearby the hotel offer is very extensive. Our recommendation is as follows:

Hotels in the area

  • Think Casa Maria. Economic.
  • Hotel Paraul Rece. With internet and good food.

Hotels in Brasov

  • Promenade Hostel, from € 6
  • Casa Marius, from € 28
  • Casa Albert Boutique Hotel, from € 60. A really nice hotel
  • Hotel Coroana, from € 40, a bit old but with Romanian charm

Other items in the area

Travel insurance

For a trip like this it is best to take out insurance. Iati offers us a offer for followers Travel for free. Traveling does not exempt you from having an accident, needing a doctor, a transfer or medication. Do not play it. Check the travel insurance by clicking on the banner and you will have a 5% in your insurance for being a reader of Travel for free. If you want more information click here.