The best photographs of the month of January


The best photographs of the month of January. Last month we focused on several routes through Madrid Sierra de Guadarrama, a beautiful journey through the Sierra de Bejar and a route through Casserole where it is possible to see many animals and waterfalls in the course of the Borosa river.

Leaving Spain, we have our first foray into India, specifically in Leh, a place that many tourists overlook in their visit to the Indian sub-continent.

Changing the continent we show two beach places in Central America, Roatan in Honduras, a diving paradise and San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, a place with magnificent beaches for surfing.

Leh Overview

Already returning to Europe we speak of a failed ascent to Mont Blanc, France, which ended in a spectacular journey through the Glace Sea, where the photographs speak for themselves.

Here are a selection of the photos that you can see in the trips of the month of January.

India. Leh and the wonders of the Indian Himalayas

It is one of the places where we keep a lot of memories for the impressive landscape and especially for the Buddhist ceremonies. Of course it is worth getting up early to see them live.

Leh - Polo match
Hemis National Park

Guadarrama drive through the Port of Cacencia

The Port of Canencia is famous for being an ideal place to go with the family on a Sunday and to make small trips around. After the route you can always have a picnic ...

Small lagoon

Guadarrama Ascension to the Peñota

After a good breakfast in Puerto de los Leones, in the Sierra de Guadarrama of Madrid, making a route to Las Peñotas can be a good plan, right?

The clouds entering Madrid

Greece. The ruins of Delphi

The Greek mythology in its purest state, you will not find luckily at the scales of 300, but they should not be far away ...

Delphi Theater

Sierra de Cazorla. From the Puntal del Aguila to the Borosa River

Cazorla always leaves such impressive places even at low altitude. You don't always have to climb great mountains to find great landscapes. Touch kick!

Eagle Strut

Honduras. Diving in Roatan

The Honduran Caribbean and its paradise island. It is not a usual destination but a real luxury.

Roatán - Honduras

Guadarrama Winter circular on the Pico del Nevero

When there is a good snowfall the mountaineers of Madrid do not think about it and pull towards the Sierra de Guadarrama. Sometimes time holds days like these. That last!.

Lozoya in the background
Pico del Nevero

Nicaragua. Surf and beaches in San Juan del Sur

Beaches and Surf, what else do you want ?. Places of drinks and good food, I think we can not say more ... Ahhh yes, San Juan del Sur.

Coco Beach

Sierra de Bejar. Crossing the 5 lagoons

How it is appreciated to make a route and find gaps like these. The Sierra de Bejar offers it to you.

Lagoons of the Trampal

France. Crossing the Glace Sea

After a failed ascent to Mont Blanc we decided to make a trekking by the Glace Sea. The photographs speak for themselves, what a place!

Glace Sea
Jumping over the Glace Sea

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