Ascent to Casquerazo from the Gredos Platform


This fall we started off on the right foot with the ascension to Casquerazo from the Gredos platform. A route that we intend to do next winter and that we have now done to see the conditions of the terrain. In fact we already tried once in winter, but the bad weather made us turn around.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos) - Laguna Grande

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos)

On a Saturday marked as the day of San Miguel we rushed the Route to Casquerazo (2436m) from the platform located on the road that leaves Hoyos del Espino (1700m). We left home very late, mainly because one of my classmates was on duty, which made the route not begin until 11:00.

After paying the 3€ of access to the platform, we parked a little far from the main parking due to the large influx of vehicles. The day was hot, with an average temperature of 20 degrees at 1800 meters. Few clouds and gentle wind, therefore a great day to climb the Casquerazo.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos)

We were reviewing routes in other media and most of them spent one night in the shelter and others like us rushed in a day after a long day. That is why we put frontals in the backpack in case we had to return at night, which we finally do not need since we were like a locomotive.

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After leaving the parking lot (1700m) on the only path that starts from this, we begin to see many people, mostly with children since it was already too late. We begin to overcome them quickly until we reach the meadow of the pools and we left the Reguero Llano refuge to our right. From here we head down the esplanade to cross a bridge where 2h are indicated until the Laguna Grande. That is, it usually takes about 2h30 'in total to the lagoon.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos) - Prado de las Pozas

This point indicates a long zigzag climb, going through the source of the diggers, where a stop is usually made. From here and following uphill until almost 2200m, we will pass by Barrerones, where there have been several accidents in winter due to ice sheets. At the end of this we will arrive at one of the most tourist spots in Gredos, the viewpoint of the Grande de Gredos lagoon, chaired by the Gredos Circus and the peaks of the Almanzor, the Galana, the Morezon, the Casquerazo and the Nevada Head among others.

Ascension to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos) - Photo taken from another route

From the viewpoint you can see the stone channel that goes up to the port of the Males. Now we will go down to the Laguna Grande, passing through the source of the Barrerones, perfect place to fill our water bottles. Once in the Laguna Grande a little less than 1950m high, we looked at our clocks and had taken a little less than 1h30 '. Therefore we were doing well on time.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos) - Laguna Grande

We began to border it on its left side, but not before noticing that it was a little drier than usual. Once we reach the end, instead of turning right towards the Elola shelter, we continue straight towards the Hatch of the Males. A scree that seemed very hard.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos)

We start glued to the left side, leaving on the same side the porthole of the Hoyuelas and following this side until we pass 2100 meters high. We have already begun to leave the Laguna Grande and the Elola refuge behind, but with the echo that forms in the circus of Gredos, we still hear the voices of the people who roam there.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos)

The scree is quite steep and it is easy to drop a rock and that it can hit someone below. which is why one of my classmates put on his helmet.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos)

The place from the porthole of the Machos is beautiful. With views of the three little brothers and the dog that smokes off his hat. In fact in these first people were climbing one of their needles.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos) - Los tres Hermanitos

As we approach the end of the porthole of the Males, we can turn everything to the left following some milestones or go straight. Both options are correct, but perhaps the first one is steeper.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos) - portilla de los Machos

We will quickly reach the final stretch, the most exposed. It is not difficult, you just have to go carefully and follow the right path. In winter things can get ugly and it is recommended to take a rope. In summer you just have to climb and unclog two sections, one of them with a good fall to the right. In any case it is not excessively complicated.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos)

In 10 short minutes we reach the top, in a time of 3h30 ' from the Platform. The truth is that the pace was good and in other circumstances it may take at least 1 hour more.

Ascent to Casquerazo from the Platform (Sierra de Gredos) - Cima del Casquerazo

At the top there is only a small milestone and there is not much space if we are many people. Any misstep can be fatal. However we were alone and took advantage of a small recess to eat for 20 minutes. After the meal, we take the same way to return. In total we take 6h58 'i / v, somewhat less than usual.

Practical data

When to go

Summer and Autumn are the best times to climb the Casquerazo. Winter is technical and only recommended for experienced mountaineers. In fact, a rope is recommended in the last sections if we climb in winter.

As costs

The entrance to the parking of the Gredos platform costs 3€. If we enter before 08:00 AM or Monday through Friday, access would be free.

How to go to the Gredos platform

The deviation to the Gredos platform is at the entrance of Hoyos del Espino and we come by the deviation of the sale of the Rasquilla. If we come by Barco de Ávila, there is a detour in Navacepeda de Tórmes.

It is not recommended to arrive later than 10:00 AM on weekends. Later it is synonymous with parking very far from the main parking lot.

Seasonal tips


  • Long pants, thermal shirt and fleece
  • Hat and gloves
  • Primaloft if you are cold
  • Raincoat or third layer for wind or rain
  • Long boots and winter socks
  • Crampons and ice ax.
  • Helmet
  • Rope for the final section.
  • Flashlight or frontal. The Black Diamond for example are excellent
  • Leggings if there is snow. Here is a good example of Leggings and eye with size.
  • Backpack of at least 30l
  • Trekking sticks
  • Map/GPS. Without this, don't even show up. As a GPS, our recommendation is Garmin GPS 64

In winter the routes are usually longer if there is snow, so calculate 1 or 2h more.


In summer this point of the mountains is usually very dry and very hot. For the material we recommend

  • Shorts and short sleeve t-shirt. Long pants is recommended.
  • Polarized sunglasses and cap
  • Solar protection
  • Water in quantity and food.

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