What to see in Seville in a weekend (Visits required)


Seville, the city of good food, of Flemish And from the party. There are many things to do and see in Seville, but if someone or something that always takes a good memory of a city as magical as this is your stomach. Knowing how to eat, enjoy life or tapas, is something that all Sevillian has in their blood, because a Sunday without filling the soul or going tapas does not fit in your calendar.

The golden tower

The one who knows Seville knows about his ability to offer a multitude of places to enjoy, not only for gastronomy, but also for places as magical as the Giralda or the Plaza de España to say something. Today we want to tell you 8 places of obligatory visit in the capital of Guadalquivir.

What to see in Seville (Take note!)

Looking to see in Seville we have many places to visit, but for a brief visit, maybe from WeekendThere are certain places that we should not overlook.

Seville map

1 The Cathedral of Seville

Majestic where there are them and built on a mosque, the Cathedral of Seville is the heart of Seville, a must see and tourist heart of the city.


2 The great Giralda

La Giralda is the bell tower of the cathedral where its first two thirds lower correspond to the minaret of an old mosque from the end of the 12th century. It is possibly one of the most visible points of the city.

The Giralda

3 The Gold Tower

Next to the Guadalquivir river and together with the bullring of the Maestranza the Torre del Oro is what is called a tower Albarrana, one of the two defensive points where the city wall was located.

The golden tower

4 The Real Alcazar

From the beginning of the 10th century and the former Umayyad palace, the Royal Alcazar is one of the oldest palaces in the world, where it is possible to contemplate a multitude of influences from different cultures throughout the centuries. Now fashionable for being one of the scenarios of Game of Thrones.

Alcazar of Seville

5 The Plaza of Spain

Exponent of the Iberoamerican exhibition of 1929, each bank of the square represents the different provinces of the Spanish geography. Inside the square there is a small backwater of navigable water where it is possible to rent a boat and savor one of the most beautiful squares in Spain.

By the way, for moviegoers, one of the films in the Star Wars saga was recorded here, does this sound scene?.

Spain Square

6 The Triumph Square

Located in a privileged area of ​​Seville, this surrounded by such emblematic buildings such as the General Archive of the Indies, the Cathedral and the Royal Alcazars.


7 Maria Luisa Park

It is the one of the lungs of the city and possibly the most famous park of Sevilla. His name is due to the Duchess of Montpensier, better known as the Infanta Maria Luisa Fernanda de Bourbon.


8 Betis Street, next to Guadalquivir

The tapas street, the march and many quality restaurants. Highlights its terraces to the river and its views of the Torre del Oro.


Practical data

Seville tours

In Seville you can do things like watch a show of Flemish, boat trips, excursions around the city, night tours or bike tours.

See Seville Tours

Where to eat or dine?

If there is one thing in Seville that is not missing, they are good places to eat. Tapas is the religion of this city and deciding on a good place to eat is easy, since it usually eats well. Here we leave the choice of Travel for free.

  • Santa Cruz Winery. The classic next to the Giralda. Do not forget to ask for the pringa!
  • Black sheep. One of the new modern premises of Seville. No matter what you ask, everything is tremendous.
  • Ours. A perfect place to dine on Betis Street.
  • Santa Marta Bar. The flamenquines, by God, how rich !!!!

Where to sleep?

In Seville there are places for all budgets, places like the ones we recommend below:

  • Sevilla Macarena Hotel. For € 98 you have an authentic luxury hotel where they serve you even sushi in the rooms 🙂
  • Ayre Sevilla. A classic in front of the Santa Justa station. From € 100 per night
  • Black Swan Seville. A past and super original from € 66. recommended!
  • Don Paco Hotel. With rooftop pool and views of the Giralda from € 90 a night

Rent a car in Seville

If you want to go by car to Seville or simply tour the beautiful villages of the province we recommend you access the following coupon.