Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao (and the best pintxos)


When someone listens to Bilbao, three things usually come to mind. Soccer, Guggenheim and pintxos. Athletic Bilbao is the reference, but with the arrival of a space as important as Guggenheim Bilbao has been transformed. That contaminated river where the industry did not accommodate tourism is far away. Nowadays Bilbao is a different city, a city with a high quality of life, which attracts in the same way as its neighbor Donosti but with more content prices and with a gastronomic offer at the height of the largest, reason enough to plan a visit to the largest city in the Basque Country.

The Guggenheim and the reasons to visit Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum

One of the reasons for our visit to Guggenheim and Bilbao was to meet some good friends, first and foremost, and without a doubt the exhibition of the moment and why not, the gastronomic part that the Basque Country undoubtedly offers.

Throughout the year the Guggenheim offers a series of exhibitions, especially of modern Art, which make Bilbao receive tourists from all over the world. Although the first thing we saw was the old town area, which was where we stayed, our first destination was the Guggenheim Museum.


Curiously, what we call the most from the museum were two things that are in force throughout the year. The first, the building itself, is a real wonder of the architect Frank Gehry, something that has enabled Bilbao to have a world reference icon. The second the call the matter of time, where several steel sculptures allow visitors to feel their movement. Something curious especially because of its dimensions.

After all in the end the temporary exhibition itself was simply an ornament of something that already impresses, that is the building, because if there is something that is worthy of a museum, it is the design and shape of this building.

It rains in Bilbao

We have always been fans of the gastronomy The Basque Country, especially the pintxos of San Sebastián, worse the reality is that sometimes we have left a little scared by their prices, for very good quality they had. But Bilbao is different, and at the moment, although it is not as cheap a destination as others in Spain, prices are much more contained than its neighbor Donosti.

Pintxos by Bilbao

When we visited Bilbao it was raining, something that comes standard in a community where green emerges in its fields, so one of the best options you can do is go pintxos.

Well, we're leaving pintxos

That we cannot do tourism because it rains, because we leave pintxos. Also, having the hotel next to the Old Town It was hard to resist. This area besides being surrounded by religious buildings there are also many bars and restaurants. The area of ​​the Plaza Nueva, Santamaria or Somera street They are places where dining or eating pintxos is one of the best plans to make.

From the two days we were in Bilbao, we met places of all kinds like the ones that come next.

From Pintxos for Bilbao

Charly Bar

A Bilbao classic that has become a mandatory visit. The zucchini pintxo, impressive. They also have rations of the most classic such as bravas, ali-oli potatoes or Galician octopus.

Pintxos by Bilbao

With B from Bilbao

More nice than the pesetas always. The worst of this bar, decide. This happens when there is so much variety and pintxos really good What good memories…

Santamaria Bar

One of the best known in the area, perhaps for carrying the name of the street where it is located. Stuffed anchovies, ham pintxos, caramelized foie with apple, all terribly good. It is impossible to speak ill of places like this.


Although its bar is really small that is the least. I don't know what pintxos they are capable of putting in it, but there are so many that it is impossible to choose. Bilbao is a horror, it makes it so difficult that anyone decides ... Try anyone, you will be delighted.

Gure Toki

Another where the king is the foei with apple, which is undoubtedly his specialty. Located in the Plaza Nueva is one of the typical Bilbao. His pintxos as they call them are tall miniature cuisine.

Practical data

Visiting hours

The Guggenheim opens from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 and 20h, except several holidays a year. More information in the official web.


Admission to the Guggenheim for adults is € 10. For students or retirees are € 6.