What to see in Aranjuez (6 places you have to visit)


Aranjuez has become over time a place of morning escape or to plan a classic lunch with family or friends just 30 minutes from the capital of Spain, Madrid. But beyond the topics or customs, Aranjuez is a city to walk, to get lost among its spectacular gardens or to discover that legacy left by royalty over the years.

Aranjuez - Royal Palace
Aranjuez - Royal Palace

We are going to tell you what to see in Aranjuez and several of the best places to eat and even to spend the night in this beautiful city in the south of Madrid.

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What to see in Aranjuez

Getaway to Aranjuez

It is said of Aranjuez it was a place for the joy of the kings of the time, the Habsburg, a place perfect for hunting, the one on the lush riverbank among the rivers Tagus and Jarama, an ideal pretext to house a palace and all kinds of comforts of the time. What we have today, a wonder, because places like the gardens of Aranjuez are unique worldwide.

Aranjuez - Royal Palace
Aranjuez - Garden of the island

What places do you have to see in Aranjuez?

The community of Madrid is home to several of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Spain. There are undoubtedly many things to see in Madrid, including Aranjuez, where places like:

  • Alpajes Church
  • Prince's Garden
    • Labrador House
    • Pond of the Chinescos
    • Royal Faluas Museum
  • Royal Palace
  • Island garden
  • Couples Square
  • Church of San Antonio de Padua

Places to visit in Aranjuez

Visiting Aranjuez

Park, a somewhat complex task

It is important to get up early if you want to visit Aranjuez on the weekend. We park easily between San Antonio and Gobernador Street, near the Valeras Parking, yes, arriving early in the morning. If not, it will take many turns or park around the fairground or nearby area.

Walking, the best way to get to know Aranjuez

We start from the Alpajes Church to him Prince's Garden, surrounding its huge fence, to stroll through this beautiful forest where royalty lived and even organized large parties. It is a garden full of pine trees of various varieties, oaks, maples, magnolia trees, strawberry trees and even some banana tree, where the Trinity Banana With more than 200 years and 56 meters high. Inside the park is both the Labrador House As the Royal Faluas Museum, a rarity that is worth visiting, since these boats are not seen every day.

Aranjuez- Alpajes Church
Prince's Garden

Normally at 12 noon the sources of Pond of the Chinescos they start up making the park and all the vegetation around it more colorful. Not far from there it is easy to see canoeists in the Tagus river, a place where there are several viewpoints.

Aranjuez- Prince's Garden
Aranjuez- Pond of the Chinescos

From the Prince's Garden we walk to the gardens next to the Royal Palace, specifically to the Garden of the island. This garden, smaller and somewhat more crowded with tourists than the prince's, dates back to the 18th century and has leafy walks, several bridges and a multitude of fountains, some of them next to a “ramshackle” canal.

Aranjuez- Prince's Garden
Aranjuez- Prince's Garden

For visit the Royal Palace should book, to avoid queues. There are excursions that leave from Madrid with transport included for € 60, a good alternative if you need a guide, entrance to the palace and transport. Verexcursion of Aranjuez.

Aranjuez - Garden of the island
Aranjuez - Garden of the island

We finished the visit to Aranjuez in the huge Couples Square visiting the Church of San Antonio de Padua, right next to the Royal Palace. A perfect day, for a very, very complete morning.

Aranjuez - Royal Palace
Aranjuez - Couples Square

Practical data

How to get?

Aranjuez is south of Madrid, just 45 minutes away by car. See on Google Maps.

Excursions from Madrid

We recommend this excursion from Madrid that includes transportation, guide and visit to the Royal Palace among others. This excursion shows the most interesting places to see in Aranjuez.

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Where to sleep?

  • El cocherón 1919. Located in the center, it combines the modern atmosphere with the classic
  • Seamstress Inn. A 19th century building just 500m from the Royal Palace
  • NH Collection Palacio de Aranjuez. A luxury hotel in front of the palace

Where to eat?

In Aranjuez it can be easy to eat very badly or eat very well, it all depends if you have made a reservation at the right places, since restaurants usually put the sign full on weekends.

  • Casa José Restaurant. Spanish classic cuisine
  • Celery House. Tapas, portions, vegetables and Spanish cuisine in a lively local with terrace and craft beers.
  • Grandma's Corral. Rustic Steakhouse