Why Paris? Criticism of an overrated city


The invasion and tourist collapse It is already a fact that overwhelms half of Europe. Collapsed cities, pollution, traffic, noise and historic centers invaded by tourists, the main clothing brands and restaurants worldwide. It is globalization, a globalization that also affects cities like Paris.

It may not be Paris, or maybe yes, but visiting a city like Paris in these times is a true feat. You have to feel like it, patience and money to be able to assume what is happening to a city like Paris and other cities in Europe. So, is it worth visiting a city like Paris?

Why Paris? An overrated city

Paris has changed over the years

We had the opportunity to visit several times Paris. In intervals of about five years we have felt different things. In each visit we have been able to see how Paris has been slowly entering a slow decline. It is getting dirtier and perhaps poorer. And not only that, now the city center has become a place taken by and exclusively for tourists.

Basilica of the Sacre Cœur

Immense queues surround the main monuments of Paris. There is no day without exception, they always are. Asian hordes have taken the city, something common in almost everyone. Countries like China have skyrocketed and their purchasing power and tourist hunger have grown at a frantic and uncontrolled pace. And of course, which city is the one that everyone wants to see ?, Paris.

The weather, an important factor

Cities like Rome or Barcelona are having exactly the same thing happening to them, but they have something that Paris does not have, the weather. Having a good day in winter, and at other times ..., in Paris it's like saying that in London it does not rain. The weather is important, no doubt. If it's a good day, surely nice things will happen to you. If it is a bad day, everything will not always come out of your mouth and things as simple as walking or taking you a beer on a terrace You will not enjoy them in the same way. Therefore, who does not laziness a city with a doubtful climate, infrastructures in decline and perpetual overcrowding ?.

Paris and time

Paris, a place not suitable for "families" and disabled

At least, parents who wear a trolley or people who go in Wheelchair It is not going to be easy for you to enjoy Paris. It's funny how to see a city like Paris, its infrastructures are not prepared like those in Madrid or other European cities for people who carry a cart or a wheelchair.

Paris with cart

The truth is that few subway stations have an elevator. To get on a train you see them coming to enter. The sidewalks Many times they are not with the lowered profile and in addition, the stairs and many of its monuments become very complex by having many stairs and little accessibility. Is France not a TOP world country?

Paris, better walk, but with time

There are many to see in Paris in two or three days. If entering the main monuments is complex, impossible or titanic if you have no reservation (vertours in Paris without queues), what you can do best is to walk, but with certain exceptions. Paris is huge and it can happen to you that everything is more or less the same. You may think that everything is streets with huge buildings of similar architecture. But beware, Paris is greatness and sometimes it is diluted in the meantime monument.

Its size means that for a short visit you cannot enter all the museums, churches or monuments that one would like, so the best thing is plan well and above all, enjoy these outside and walking.

Strolling through Paris

For many, Paris is Paris for its museums, its churches or for its fashionable culture and good food. For others Paris isthanks to the universal exhibitions of the early twentieth century. Let us not forget that a large part of the iconic monuments of the city are thanks to these types of exhibitions and the perseverance of more than one Parisian so that these facilities will endure over time.

Things I would like to see in Paris

We have to say that in cities like Budapest, Berlin, London or Madrid other things are perceived. They give the feeling of more variety, and not only that, of a more restrained size for the visitor. In Spain, for example, cities tend to be better illuminated and the nights get much warmer when they see people walking through its streets. Everything closes later, unlike cities like Paris, which usually closes very soon.

What to see in Paris

One of the things that a traveler almost never takes a good memory of a city like Paris is that of their hotels and their prices. Usually the night does not usually fall below € 100 in central areas, and not only that, the hotels are old, the service is poor and above all, the rooms are very, very small. Our theory is easy. If tourism is easy and the tourist is "willing to pay," why improve?

Louvre Museum

Personally one of the rival cities of Paris by size and climate is undoubtedly London. But of course, London is just as collapsed as Paris, but it offers great shows (Paris too, but not in the same way), more variety at the architectural level and much more entertainment. Both the first and the last are things that Paris should adopt.


Why Paris? With this we want to make it clear that this is a constructive criticism and for tastes the colors. For many, Paris will always be Paris, but personally for us it has been losing points over the years.

There are things we have seen that Paris has improved. One of them is its transport system, with bikes and the electric scooters Like spearheads We just hope it doesn't happen like him Car sharing, that a few years ago the main company went to ruin and had to close ... Wasn't Paris what they expected?

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