Mexico. Adventure and ecotourism in Puerto Vallarta


The first time I heard about Puerto Vallarta I heard sun and beach. Extensions of turquoise sea, luxurious hotels, American tourists and a thousand nightlife activities. No ecotourism or active tourism. But Puerto Vallarta is much more. Possibly the Active turism, from adventure Orural be in our view the most attractive in the area. Of courseVallarta Port It is synonymous with adventure and ecotourism.

Vallarta Port

Ecotourism in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta to be back at mountains offers a multitude of possibilities to perform adventure or ecotourism activities, since the vegetation, canyons and rivers it houses are ideal for this type of activities. But if we look at him sea, we can take out our more sailor side and start fishing,Diving and even sighting whales.

Rhythms of the night

There are currently many companies that offer these services from Puerto Vallarta, such as Canopy River or Vallarta Adventures. The first specializes in routes of quads or zip line among others. The second, the largest in the area, offers a wide variety of both adventure like shows. In any case, both support ecotourism in Puerto Vallarta, we have tried both, and they work perfectly.

Whale watching

Depending on the time of the year it is possible to see with relative ease the whales near Puerto Vallarta. Since November to March, months of reproduction of Humpback whales, it is possible to see them both from the beach and from any boat in Banderas Bay.

Whales in Puerto Vallarta


Although the coral is not like the one in Cozumel or the Yucatan Peninsula, the crystal clear waters of Puerto Vallarta offer the diver a crystalline background full of life. In many hotels or resorts in northern Puerto Vallarta, as well as in Vallarta Adventures, you can hire dives to get to know the seabed of Banderas Bay.

Rural tourism

The villages or towns around Puerto Vallarta have a particular charm. If you go into one of its mountain roads you can discover the real Mexico, the Authentic Mexico.

San Sebastián del Oeste is possibly the most charming town in the area, perhaps because the passage of time or the impact of tourism has not yet taken its toll. It's worth spending a night there away from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta.

San Sebastian del Oeste


In the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta there is a great variety of hiking trails, but one of the most prominent is the climb to Cerro de la Bufa with 2,506m high, the highest peak in the area and with stunning views of the entire area. You can find it in San Sebastián del Oeste.

ATV or Quad

Mexico stands out for the amount of trails and dirt roads to enjoy this activity and Puerto Vallarta was not going to be less.

ATV / Quad (Photograph of San Miguel de Allende)

Mule routes

Although we are not very defenders of this activity, in the valleys and mountains that surround Puerto Vallarta it is possible to make mule routes. Many agencies use them as complement to other activities to move from one section to another, as in canoping.

Mule route


The orography of the area allows one of the best canopings in all of Mexico. For those who do not know this activity, canoeing consists of descending a zip line at high speed from one slope to another of the mountain covering distances that sometimes exceed 300m in length and more than 25m in height.


The adventure of canoping is usually combined with suspension bridges, rappel, floats and mule routes. Highlights a rappel of more than 27m high.

First hand I could say that it was the activity we enjoyed the most, very secure, and the most fun.


As a well-deserved reward for canoping, it is possible to finish this activity in one of the rivers that flow into the Pacific. The activity consists of lowering individual floats from one section of the river to the other as if it were a water park. Does not become rafting, but it is an ideal complement to have fun and forget the heat and high temperatures that this corner of the planet treasures.

In float

As you can see Puerto Vallarta offers a multitude of things to go on vacation, now just touch them to put direct flights from Spain. At the moment we will have to stop in Mexico City.

In the face of prices Calculate a little more than $ 64 for the mule, rappel and float canoping. For the four-wheeler or quad the same, $ 64. Anyway ask at the hotels or look at the discounts when buying directly on the web, since you usually see many offers, especially in low season.

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