5 original destinations to travel in Holy Week


Traveling during Holy Week has always been one of the best periods to say, enough is enough !, to the stress of work. Christmas is far away and we all need that gasoline before enjoying that summer that we all coveted so much. Today we propose 5 original destinations for dance to friends and above all, to have a vacation of 10.

For many, and for us of course, traveling on Holy Week is live jams and we all meet in the same monument or square, since we all take the same vacation days. Several of the destinations to travel in Easter today are “Free” of massification, but others, for their beauty and charm, we fear that it will not save you nor the bad weather. No one said that beauty is free from "sin."

Travel in Holy Week

At the time we talked about economic destinations in Holy Week, so today we have a selection of original places and places with a lot of charm. From Portugal, Morocco, Belgium, Romania and or the "distant" Russia. They are very different between them and for taste the colors, so there is where to choose. Which one do you prefer?. Let's see.

1 Flanders, beauty you don't expect

Be it a weekend getaway, four days or a week Flanders is the perfect destination to take you more than a surprise. Cities like Gante, Bruges, Antwerp orLovaina represent the cultural value of this beautiful region of Belgium.

The night in Ghent

We talk about a very well connected region, where you can travel by train as if the subway will be treated. You do not need a rental car, since you can go from center to center in a few minutes. When you visit Flanders you realize that this corner of Europe not only involves an architecture that is recorded in your retina, but that gastronomy and its people are a value that help Flanders be one of the best destinations to travel on Easter.

Ghent from the clock tower

2 Sintra, tales exist

Fairy tales exist, do not hesitate, especially after visiting Sintra. Sintra is the best getaway you can do if you visit Lisbon. Its palaces and gardens are unique, and the Da Pena Palace or Quinta da Regaleira They leave no one indifferent. It is an ideal destination to travel during Holy Week, it is magical, it is unique.

Pena Palace
Quinta da Regaleira. Initiatory Well

From Lisbon you can take a train that goes directly to Sintra, yes, in Holy Week is up to the flag, so we recommend you go during the week, since weekends next to the holidays are usually a “deadly” cocktail.

To discover better Sintra and surroundings Not long ago we wrote the following articles:

3 Marrakech, exoticism here next door

Marrakech is a classic to travel in Easter and 4 days are the perfect number to enjoy the medina and its surroundings. In order to travel during Holy Week we recommend you spend the first two days in Marrakech in some Riad in the center. The third day you can do some excursion like the one on the Kasbah by Ait Benhaddou, an amazing place where movies like Gladiator have been filmed. The last day I would spend last minute shopping and enjoy a good orange juice in the Yamaa el Fna Square.

Four Seasons Marrakech Sports Bar
Aït Benhaddou

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4 Romania and Transylvania

More than five times we have visited Romania and although our heart is mountaineer we have not always visited its mountains, but we have traveled as original cities as Brasov, Sighișoara or Sibiu. Romania is the classic destination that brings together culture and nature, and not only that, it is very easy to go through rental rental.

Transfagarasan by the southern access

Whether you have a week or ten days, Romania is perfect for traveling during Holy Week. Few people, cheap and I would say that even exotic. You can start the route in Bucharest and head north towards Brasov, then surround Transylvania and enjoy the northern cities and the nature of this corner of Romania. It does not disappoint, we assure you. If you want more information to travel for free here are several articles from Romania:

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5 Moscow, much more than the Red Square

We still remember our last trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. We found a diversity of opinion between which of the two cities was more worthwhile, but we, after enjoying both of us, stayed with Moscow for a little. Maybe it was that "charm" of communist city or that little tourism that houses outside the Red Square.

Moscow - University
Moscow - Skyline

Moscow fell in love with us for its restaurants, for being a least expensive city than they promised us, if it's even cheap !, and especially for discovering places you don't expect from a city like Moscow. We discover skyscraper, kilometer parks and most original museums. If this is not enough, we recommend you read our articles:

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