What to do and what to see in Andorra (in summer and winter)


We have been in Andorra for a week, in the small country of the Pyrenees. We have traveled from top to bottom and also, the best, we have been able to do many activities for both go with your partner, with friends or in family. There are many things to see in Andorra in a week, both in winter and summer, get ready to meet them.

What to do and what to see in Andorra

We have selected the places based on whether it is a outdoor activity, a theme cultural or of leisure. For tastes the colors, and surely some of these things will fit you. We are each a different type of traveler, but surely more than one place or activity here you will like :). These are our recommendations of what to do or what to see in Andorra. To enjoy!.

Outdoor activities

  • Hiking in the Estanys de Juclar and the Vall d'inches (family)
  • Ascend to the highest peak in Andorra, the Comapedrosa
  • Hiking in the Pessons Lakes (Grau Roig)
  • Route to Tristaina lakes
  • Routes in eBike by Soldeu or Naturlandia and descents in Vall'Nord
  • Lake Engolasters, ideal to go with children (family)
  • Skiing, sledding or snowshoeing


  • Route of the Romanesque churches
  • Sanctuary ofMeritxell
  • Casa del Vall in Andorra la Vella
  • Stroll through Ordino or Canillo
  • I of Civis, the only town in Spain only accessible from Andorra


  • Naturlandia (family)
  • lookout of Rock of the Quer
  • Go to the Caldea spa
  • From shopping on Avenida de Meritxell (Andorra la vieja)

Outdoor activities

1 Route in the Estanys de Juclar and Vall d'inches

He Vall d'inches It is an accessible valley by electric train and has the beautiful hiking trail of the Estanys de Juclar, a few small ones high mountain lakes at more than 2,000m high. The route is about 5km one way, of low or medium difficulty, and with the reward of reaching these wonderful lakes and having a beer in the refuge That is on the shore.

Estanys de Juclar and the Vall d'inches
Estanys de Juclar and the Vall d'inches

You can see in detail the route in the article Route to the Estanys de Juclar.

2 The highest peak in Andorra, the Comapedrosa

For the more mountaineers there is the ascent to highest peak in Andorra, with 2,943m, an ascent with shelter and lake included and that is usually done in a single stage, although being the refuge Halfway it is possible to do it with night included if the forces do not help.


You can see in detail the route in the article Ascension alComapedrosa.

3 Trekking in the Pessons Lakes

It is a beautiful hiking trail from the parking lot of the ski resort of Grau Roig With almost 10 lakes That can be done between 3 and 4 hours. The first is reached in about 30 minutes, accessible and with a restaurant that opens both summer and winter along its shore. Very comfortable!.

Pessons Lakes
Pessons Lakes

We comment in detail in the section of Andorra de Viaja for free.

4 Route to the Tristaina Lakes

Although we did not have time to do this route, we can say that it is one of the classic ones due to its accessibility, since the first lake is very close to the parking lot. The lakes are very close to the ski resort Ordino Arcalís.

5 Routes in eBike or MTB

Climbing mountains with a electric bicycle It is priceless, and for us it is one of the things to do in Andorra if you like this sport. Andorra is super prepared and full of roads to be able to use them. Since Soldeu, the Massana (of the best) or Naturlandia, has tracks prepared for ebike. You can reach levels above 2,500m with a ebike, it only takes desire and some physical form, although you know, an electric bicycle helps and a lot.

Ebike route
Ebike route

If you like the descent, Vall'Nord It is your place. Taking the cable car in La Massana You can access multiple descent routes next to this popular ski resort.

We comment in detail in the section of Andorra de Viaja for free.

6 Lake of Engolasters, ideal to go with children

Although it is not a pure high mountain lake, it is a very accessible and also very familiar lake, since he goes to picnic families in a very wooded environment on the edge of a beautiful lake. There you can make small routes of trekking, eat in a restaurant or make picnic by the lake and even rent an electric bicycle.

Engolasters Lake

7 Skiing, sledding or snowshoeing

Little are we going to talk about skiing or winter sports, since that is why the country of Pyrenees. Whether you like skiing or snowboarding or not, in Andorra during winter you can do multiple snow related activities, such as snowshoeing, sledding, snowmobiling, etc.… Without a doubt, they are things to do or see in Andorra.

Snow rackets

Culture in Andorra

1 Route of the Romanesque churches

There are 10 Romanesque churches in Andorra Ideal to visit them in a small roadtrip, or simply, on the way to where you are going, since they are scattered all over the country. Personally you have to see these ten in Andorra, but there are more than you can imagine:

  • Santa Coloma, in Andorra la Vella
  • Sant Climent de Pal and Sant Cristofol d'Anyós, in La Massana
  • Sant Marti de la Cortinada, in Ordino
  • Sant Joan de Caselles and the Sanctuary of Meritexell, in Canilo
  • Sant Romá de les Bons, in Encamp
  • Sant Miquel d'Engolasters, in Escaldes-Engordany
  • Sant Sergi de Nagol and Sant Esteve del Mas d'Alins, in Sant Julia de Loira

Romanesque church in Andorra
Romanesque church in Andorra

2 Sanctuary of Meritxell

It is one of the previous 10 and possibly the most famous. It is a restored church, since it was practically in ruins, by the famous Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. The result is curious, especially with the fusion with the landscape and how colorful the arches have been restored.

Meritxell Sanctuary
Meritxell Sanctuary

3 Casa del Vall in Andorra la vieja

The former headquarters of the cGeneral Council of Andorra It is called Casa del Vall. Are made Guided visits in Spanish among others and it is a good place to know the history of the country.

Vall House

4 Stroll through Ordino or Canillo

They are two small towns but very showy, especially since both have a Romanesque church and an urban pattern that has faithfully respected the architecture of the area. In Ordino, the street next to Sant Marti de la Cortinada It is one of the most beautiful in Andorra and in the case of Canillo, the climb to Sant Joan de Caselles, next to the stream that falls from the mountain, is super picturesque.

5 Os de Civis

Os de Civis is a unique town and an example of periclave, since it is the only town in Spain only accessible from Andorra. If I were in Andorra, it would surely be the prettiest town by far from the country. Os de Civis is small, with only 150 inhabitants, very rural and nestled in a hidden valley. Do not stop knowing him.

I of Civis

Leisure in Andorra

1 Naturlandia 1,600m and 2,000m

It is the most visited theme and family park in Andorra. I'ts divided into two sectors. The main one, at the height of 1,600m, where the star attraction of Tobotronc and at 2,000m where there is a park with wild animals like the bear, the boreal lynx or the wolf.


2 Mira de Roca Viewpoint + panoramic road

It is one of the classic things to see in Andorra. The Mira de Roca Viewpoint is a suspended walkway over the city of Canillo. It is a viewpoint of recent construction and has fabulous views of the entire parish. The highway that accesses the viewpoint part of Canillo to Ordino, a panoramic road, slow to travel and very, very colorful and we recommend you travel.


3 Caldea Spa

Is the most famous spa from all over Andorra and one of the country's icons, since the building is a pyramidal structure that can be seen from the entire capital.


4 Shopping on Meritxell Avenue

Stop shopping addicts is the avenue of Meritxell in Andorra la Vella (Andorra la Vella). In it are the main international brands as well as sports, electronics, perfume or alcohol stores, the latter two with best price than in Spain. Part of the avenue is very comfortable to travel as it is pedestrian.

Meritxell Avenue

You can see more about the country of the Pyrenees in our section of Andorra. In full detail!

Practical data

How to get?

There are only two accesses by road to Andorra. Since Spain by N145 from Seu de Urgell or from France by N22 Entering Pas de la Casa. Andorra It has no airport, so the only way to get there is by road.

How to get around Andorra?

The CG1 and the CG2, are the main roads that run through Andorra. There is a good transport network, by bus, but the best way to get around is with your own vehicle.

Excursions and tours in Andorra

We leave you a selection of tours and excursions in Andorra.

 See excursions in Andorra

Where to eat?

We recommend several places for lunch or dinner in Andorra. For your information, the Embroideries They are the typical restaurants of Andorra.

  • Pizza shop L'Alvet, very rich pizzas in Soldeu
  • The Tremat board in Encamp, possibly the best Borda in Andorra. In addition, the owners are adorable
  • Restaurant the Cort del Popaire in Soldeu. Grilled meat and exceptional treatment
  • The sangria, next to the Sanctuary of Meritxell, excellent grilled meats

Where to sleep?

From hotels with hearth to apartments in spectacular places or cheaper campsites. These are our recommendations. They don't fail!

  • Sport Hotel Village in Soldeu. Excellent treatment, with swimming pool in summer, spacious rooms and at the foot of the track if you go in winter.
  • B&B The moon. Ideal to go as a couple in an idyllic setting
  • Chic House Sa Calma, with jacuzzi and mountain views.
  • Camping - Bungalows Janramon. A camping in the mountains with bungalows.

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